Coaching Capsules

Coach2GO is exciting new way of delivery coaching.Using Coach2GO Development Tools, coaches can develop 'Coaching Capsules' - these are coaching dialogues delivered through the web. The coach dialogues are similar to web-based screen interchanges, - questions, multiple choices, radio buttons, etc and support for multimedia - video, audio - client exchanges.

A scripting language is provided so you can describe user interfaces, field names, save client data, and navigate from page to page.

Types of Capsules

Capsules can address any of the coaching issues your clients have. They can be for Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Performance Coaching, Health Coaching, Parenting, Learning, etc.

Coach2Go Capsule Library provide a range of Topic coaching areas:

Take a look at possible applications for capsules.

Accessing Capsules

Capsules can be accessed from any web entry device: mobiles (ipHone, Adroids, Blackberry's); PCs; Macs; Tablets (iPad or Android).

Pricing for Capsule Access

Capsules can be offerred free for life or just for a period of time.

Capsules can be offered for fixed one-off usage price, or subscription based for a period of time.