Whether you are new to coaching or have been established for many years Coach2GO will enable you to reach out to existing or new clients in ways that will help you make an even bigger difference.

As professional coaches, competing with an ever-increasing number of coaches out there, we all know that to run our businesses successfully we need what most businesses of any kind need in order to not only survive, but thrive... to have a product or service that is really good: to have a healthy client-base, which grows all the time: and to have a unique selling point to help achieve these. The problem for many coaches though is that we are our service, so our client-base, until now, has been limited by the number of people we can touch on a one-to-one basis: which is by definition, not a great business model for success!

But what if we could do everything we're already doing in person, and yet still be coaching thousands of others, on a personalized one-to-one basis, all over the world? Wow! Now that's what I call a business model !! And this is exactly what Coach2Go gives you... the means to have a healthy client-base, which grows all the time: potentially unlimited by geographic boundaries, and a unique selling point to help achieve these.

So what is COACH2GO, how does it work - and how can it work for you...?

COACH2GO is an intelligent interactive web - based coaching development and delivery environment. You can create coaching capsules to capture the coaching dialogue between you and your clients, using the COACH2GO scripting language and you don't need computer programming skills or web-based development skills! You will be able to create rich personalized interactions, capture client information,(with ensured data protection), and based on this, respond with multi-media coaching.

From any platform - iPhones, iPads, Android mobiles and tablets, PCs and Macs - this provides your clients with access to many aspects of your coaching wisdom on an "any time, any place, anywhere" basis.

You can create - or we will create for you - a variety of capsules that meet your specific requirements. Using the Access Management System, you can allow certain individuals to access certain capsules, and allocate each a cost for using it.

Our COACH2GO is not about replacing you as a coach, but supplementing your availability... for instance, if one of your clients suddenly feels anxious at 3 in the morning before a big meeting, you can go on sleeping peacefully while he accesses his unique COACH2GO capsule which you've created for him - with his own preferences, metaprograms, etc - and instantly get the help he needs! He can also have a custom-built HypnoTrance tapes, created by you (or by us on your behalf) with his specific anchor music, key-phrases etc., for any state change to use at anytime.

So COACH2GO will be your unique selling point to becoming an international coach, providing simultaneous personal and personalized coaching to thousands if you choose to - while at the same time doing what you already do one-to-one!

COACH2go Benefits

Coach2Go enables existing coaches to develop their coaching business through the following benefits:

Examples of using Coach2GO

As a coach you have certain approaches to help clients. You probably have certain questions you ask and based on your client's response direct the coaching session down a certain path. You can now capture this dialogue and create a coaching capsule to reflect this coaching approach.

You can either design and build the coaching capsule yourself using COACH2GO's development tool kit or you can design the capsule and get a COACH2GO developer to build it for you.

What next?

Contact us or join our pilot project and explore the use of COACH2GO to make even a bigger difference.