Coach2GO Development Toolkit

Coach2Go provides a library of Coaching Capsules and a development environment and tools for designing, building and delivering new Coaching Capsules. Coaching Capsules can be grouped under Coaching Topics.

Coach 2Go is server based coaching dialogue system, providing Coach2Go developers with the tools to design and build Coaching Topics and Coaching Capsules that can be accessed through web browsers.

'Coaching Capsules' are made up of interactive multi-media Web pages. The Coach2Go toolkit provides a number of languages to build the coaching capsules:

Coach2Go captures input from the user and makes it available for use during subsequent capsules pages and for access by an assigned coach (if the user so allows access)

Types of Capsules

There two types of capsules Public and Private:

Administration Toolkit

Coach2Go Administration System supports three types of users:

Financial Toolkit

Coach2Go Financial System supports three types of licences:

What next?

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