Coaching For You

STUCK! WANT MORE! COACH2GO provides online, interactive Just-In-Time coaching. Whether you want some life coaching, business coaching, health coaching, or performance coaching, Coach2GO coaching capsules will provide you with support whenever and where ever you need it. These coaching capsules are interactive coaching dialogues that use multimedia content to help clients address their challenges.




Coaching For You

Would you like the benefit of having a life coach, but never have the time?

Would like to have a coaching relationship when you want it?

Are you ready to work towards your goals, but cannot spare the time to visit a Life Coach?

Coaching is to help the individual improve their performance beyond what they appear to be able to achieve on their own, or with other training and development interventions.

E-coaching is a way of providing coaching services with remote communication - email, Instant Messenger, Skype, downloadable coaching guidance etc.

Coach2Go provides virtual interactive coaching via your PC, IPad, IPhone, Mobile/Androids, and 24/7. Virtual Interactive coaching modules - called 'Coaching Capsules' - are designed by experienced coaches to provide coaching support without always needing real time access to a coach.

Coach2Go provides a library of Coaching Capsules and a development environment and tools for designing, building and delivering new Coaching Capsules. Coaching Capsules can be grouped under Coaching Topics.

Users can purchase Coaching Topics, and Coaching Capsules for a one time use or a period of time.

What are the benefits

These days we lead busy lives. At Coach2go, we can still enable you to have the benefit of an experienced Life Coach at times convenient to you. You can have your very own Coach2go!

Coach2Go is a completely different experience to one-on-one coaching. Here are the main benefits:


Types of Capsules

Capsules can address any of the coaching issues your clients have. They can be for Lige Coaching, Business Coaching, Performance Coaching, Health Coaching, Parenting, Learning, etc. See possible applications for capsules.

Accessing Capsules

Capsules can be accessed from any web entry device: mobiles (ipHone, Adroids, Blackberry's); PCs; Macs; Tablets (iPad or Android).

Pricing for Capsule Access

Capsules can be offerred free for life or just for a period of time.

Capsules can be offered for fixed one-off usage price, or subscription based for a period of time.