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ADHD Coaching

In today's world few will dispute that the pace of change seems to be accelerating so fast that we often stop being conscious of the choices we are making. These unconscious choices may affect our quality of life, and gradually overwhelm us until we are so busy fighting "inner fires" that we have no time or energy for "fire prevention." The function of a good coach is to help his or her clients focus, organise and set priorities in their hectic lives.

People with ADD symptoms taking up NLP coaching report:

  • More clarity, focus, and direction
  • Fewer stops and less procrastination
  • Quicker success and improved relationships
  • A more balanced and satisfying life.

Beginning the Coaching Process

Coaching begins with a 90 minute in-person planning session where the coaching relationship is designed to meet an individual client's specific needs. Values, goals, and priorities are discussed. Strategies are agreed upon and an action outline is produced. From this point, weekly 60 minute sessions, either in-person or by phone help to maintain momentum and focus. A coach often makes himself or herself available for concerns, problems, or personal success reports during brief check-ins between sessions. The cost of coaching is about £200 per month.

Coaching Is A Prescription For Success

Coaches use four "S's"-- structure, support, skill building, and strategies -- to help clients stay "accountable" for follow-through on their goals. Find Out How ADD Coaches Use the Four S's

The coach provides unconditional support when you need it and reminds you of your successes when you forget. The purpose of a coaching relationship is to: 1) help a client identify what he or she wants, 2) plan the steps, and 3) take action toward desired goals.

People with ADD are intelligent, loving, creative, loyal, intuitive, energetic, spontaneous and fun to be around. Many thrive on the stable coaching structure. The coach is your ally keeping you on track, your partner when shifting ideas into action, and your scout helping you anticipate and avoid road blocks. Coaches help clients reach destinations never dreamed possible by holding the big picture until the client can hold it himself, by asking questions that provoke self-awareness and responsibility, and by making requests that the client take action.

Coaching falls between consulting and psychotherapy. Like consultants, coaches are often called in to address a business problem or assess a work performance situation: but unlike consultants who give advice, coaches seek solutions from the client to help the client move forward. Then the client's change in behaviour and attitude is permanent. The coach has helped the client bring out his or her best.

Like therapy, coaching is an on-going relationship with emphasis on listening, understanding, and bringing internal obstacles to the surface. In addition, coaching uses requests for action and accountability. An ADD coach works with people who have identified areas they wish control over such as:

  • work or school performance
  • organisation, such as maintaining a home
  • interpersonal social skills, such as difficulty listening or setting boundaries
  • emotional ups and downs, especially those that come with sharp life transitions.


Coaching clients are eager to move to a higher level of functioning; this might mean increased productivity, better life balance, or more personal satisfaction. They are unsure how to take the steps to accomplish this. Often coaching, with its theme of focus, clarity, planning, and action, is the missing link that gets people thinking about their values and moving forward.



How can you benefit from parenting and life coaching?

Do you want your children to have high self esteem?

Do you want your children to be able to motivate themselves to achieve their goals?

Do you want your children to develop exceptional skills for learning?

Do you want your children to understand the potential consequences of their actions?

You know that you need to make changes in your parenting and life. . . but perhaps you don't know how or where to start. …. That’s where we can help..

“It's not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is be a role model for them by reaching for it myself” - Paul Jacobs


Parenting Coaching the NLP way

Neuro-linguistic Programming is the study of the structure of how we do what we do, how to access resources we’ve forgotten we have, to empower us to move forward.

A New Oceans parenting coach helps you think out loud, and is your supportive wake up call, and your partner in achieving your personal and professional goals; to find out what makes you happiest in life, and to brainstorm ideas on how to achieve and keep every area in your life fulfilled.