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This is a very very specialised approach to coaching, because those who work in the Performing, Sports, & Creative fields have very special kinds of talents, and mindsets from everyone else.

And yet they are frequently faced with similar challenges to those in other walks of life - lack of confidence, low self-belief, insecurities about their abilities, health etc, as well as professional areas of everything from how to be the best at auditions, or on the leader-board in golf, to how to use language to influence directors, producers, sponsors and so on!

It might seem strange to the “outside world” that those who have the ability to perform in front of the public can still have problems within themselves….but you know how true that is, don’t you? And because these challenges are so often played out in front of the public, this can often make them seem so much worse, because there’s nowhere to hide!

Dee Shipman has spent many years as an actress, singer, and radio presenter, as well as being a renowned writer of West End & Broadway musicals, so she knows from personal experience the challenges of working in high profile creative performance.

More importantly and uniquely, Dee is an international Life, Performance, Success, and Health Master Coach, who specialises in helping top actors, singers, sports stars, writers, artists etc to get rid of the limiting beliefs which have been ‘blocking’ them and holding them back.

Her approach is very different from conventional coaching, as ir is based on how our minds actually work - and by helping her exclusive clients to use their minds in better ways, they then hugely improve both their personal and professional wellbeing!

Dee is also happy to help up and coming young creative performers and sports talents on their journeys to success, with whatever is preventing them from moving forwards, including fears, phobias, and allergies……….she recently worked with a gifted young golf star who thought his career would stop before it started because he had really bad hay fever……! After two sessions with Dee the allergy had totally gone.

Similarly a very well-known British actor who had to travel frequently to Hollywood, and New York had a real phobia about flying, which went completely after Dee worked with him.

The best way forward is to have the best mindset, otherwise you’ll constantly sabotage yourself. If you would like to have a private one-to-one session with Dee, she’ll talk through what you want, and how she can help you achieve this.


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And the first session is free…….so what have you got to lose,except your problems?!

Because now you really can change your life by changing your mind!



Who uses a coach?

It is a given among top Entertainers, Performers,Sports, and Arts people to use coaches to help improve performance.

Performance and Success Life coaching can be useful to:

· Anyone who sees a gap between where they are and where they want to be, and who is ready to take ownership for changing that.

· Performers, Creative Artists, & Sports People facing issues in their life/work, or who are are confused, or feel ’stuck’, and feel they need help to make the right decisions, in order to move forward.

So how can you benefit from Performance, Arts & Sports Coaching?

We will help you to·

Work out what Action you need to take - and then take it!: define your plans and ideas, and achieve your goals, with our unique Goal Powering technique…………because we know that you can only create the future from the future, we will take you to where you have achieved your goals, and then help you ”look back” to see how you did it!

· Improve your skills in communicating more effectively;, presenting yourself and your work, changing your limiting beliefs, expanding your memory skills, and much more.

· Develop & maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives.

· Create & sustain alignment between your goals, beliefs and values.

· Identify and develop your strengths to their full potential.

· Avoid negative effects of stress by showing you how to turn it into a positive ‘driver’ towards your goals.

· Attract people to you to establish and grow relationships.

How does our coaching work?

The coaching relationship is a very profound and empowering dynamic relationship, based on mutual respect and responsibility. As your personal Success & Performance Coaches we bring our years of experience in this field to become a clear, non-judgemental, mirror to you, to reflect back to you the inner resources you already have for achieving your goals: so creating movement in your professional and personal life, to give you back ownership of who you are and what you do. We give you the “mind tools” to be able to motivate yourself whenever you choose, to manage your emotions, and so turn your outcomes from dreams into reality.

How Not To Succeed in The Performing & Creative Arts

Performers writers, and artists everywhere work hard to sabotage their careers, compromise their reputations, make sure they never get roles, exhibitions,or published, ignore the advice of dealers, agwnts, managers, or coaches or consultants or anyone else knowledgeable about how their business works, all in order to maintain world statures of consummate anonymity. In order to help streamline the process of failure, and as a public service to all artists, actors, singers, musicians, aerists, and writers who cherish oblivion, I hereby offer the most expedient means of attaining and solidifying lifelong positions among the ranks of the unknown. So are you ready to go nowhere? Excellent. Here's all you have to do:

- Spontaneously introduce yourself to anyone you think has any standing in your chosen field and/or any ability-- real or perceived-- to buy, sell, broker, critique, review, advance, or otherwise represent you or your talent. Make no attempt to explain why you're introducing yourself, how you know who they are, what the purpose of your introduction is, why you or your work is relevant to what they do, what you expect to accomplish by speaking with them, or what they can expect to accomplish by speaking with you.

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- Do you want more colour in your life?

- Are you tired of losing out?

- What if you could always be a shining model of excellence at auditions, in performance, or theatre design, directing, or writing?

- Let New Oceans Coaching show you the way.

What is New Oceans
NLP Coaching

Many people come to NLP for freedom from limitations. NLP provides a way out of old habits, fears, limiting beliefs, and gives a structure for new and empowering ways of being in the world.

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You see the advert. You say to yourself, “I can do that!”

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