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Business Coaching

Life Coaching is a structured way to support people who want to aspire to better things in their personal, professional and business lives.

It is a supportive way in helping you to successfully negotiate many life-stages and life changing events. It is about encouraging you, through a process of discovery, goal setting and strategic planning to realise extraordinary results.

Coaching is about performing at your best with the assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate and guide you to keep growing and developing specific areas of your life.

Coaching is about

  • Facilitating
  • Listening
  • Asking questions
  • Being pro-active
  • Finding solutions
  • Setting goals
  • Focusing on the future

It is not about instructing, telling, or focusing on the past and looking for the causes of problems.

Coaching can be integrated with other approaches such as hypnosis and NLP to help solve problems or it can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ process for performance improvement and goal achievement.

Coaching attracts many people who wish to get ahead in a very competitive business environment. It also attracts people who want to create a healthy balance between their work, personal life and spiritual needs. An experienced life coach can support and guide you to achieve more with your life.:



How can you benefit from life and business coaching?

· Action your ideas, implement your plans and achieve your goals.

· Hone your skills in communication, leadership, time management, selling, presentation and much more.

· Maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional growth.

· Maintain alignment between your goals, beliefs and values.

· Identify and focus on your strengths in order that you can develop your full potential.

· Avoid stress by removing that feeling of ‘being on your own’ through the implementation of a stress management programme.

· Attract people to you in order to establish and deepen relationships.

Who uses a coach?

Sports people use coaches to help improve performance. It is taken for granted.

Executives and managers in business also use coaches, as do entertainers. Life coaching can be useful to:

· Anyone who sees a gap between where they are and where they want to be, and is willing to do something to bridge that gap. 

· Individuals facing issues or changes in their life or are confused about their purpose who wish to make the right decisions to move forward.

· Entrepreneurs and business owners who need to realise their dreams and exchange ideas for profit.

· Corporate managers who need to deal with an ever increasing stressful, challenging and competitive workplace.

Why does coaching work?

The coaching relationship is a very powerful and empowering partnership based on equality, mutual respect and responsibility. The coach offers you a clear mirror, an honest sounding board and unequivocal support. This dynamic relationship creates movement in your life, is positive, highly motivating, energising and turns thoughts into action.


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