Welcome to the World of Coaching, the New Oceans style! Time for YOU!

Dee Shipman

Welcome to the world of Coaching, Dee Shipman style!

You might well be wondering how, if at all, it differs from other Coaching styles and strategies.

The first, and to me the most important, difference is that everything I do as a Coach is based on NLP, which is about recognising that the client in front of me may have a challenge at the moment - but they also have the solution!

And my job is NOT to impose my own ‘map of the world’ on them, but to help them access their own inner resources and get them ‘back on the road’ to where they want to be.

I am qualified (as are all the Coaches we train) to deal with any issues that may come up ’from the past’, which non-NLP Coaches are not allowed to do…………… and as almost all the challenges people have usually connect in some way to their past experiences, this is obviously hugely important.

So how do you choose the right Coach for you? At the moment everyone and his dog can set up in business as a Coach - and some of the dogs are pretty good!!

On the other hand, like some human coaches, some of them tend to focus on the negative..........

When I'm coaching someone, I'm focusing on their sunbeams rather than their raindrops....!

The way I work is this........I offer you a first, introductory, session free - this means you can decide whether you’d like to work with me. Then we work together, face-to-face preferably, usually in one or two hour sessions. Sometimes I will work with a client for a whole morning or afternoon, to achieve a breakthrough, or if they have a long way to travel to get to me.

I will do phone coaching as a follow-up, but I prefer to work with someone face-to-face at least for the first session.


I also coach on the internet, and via a Skype connection, when necessary

For me, coaching is about helping people to have more choices…… I truly believe there is nothing ‘broken’ or ‘wrong’ with them………….so I don’t do ‘judgemental’!

Behaviour is not Identity !!…….. it’s an external representation of where people need more choices to help them ‘unstick’ themselves!

And for me, coaching is not about the content of what someone is saying, but about the mind patterns, their INTERNAL strategies, which they keep running. If I just deal with the event, the person will still run that pattern or program again and again. Deal with the pattern itself, and you get real change.

Some coaches and cousellors ask WHAT their client is thinking…. I ask HOW, what mind strategies or patterns are they running, that aren’t empowering but are limiting them?

Above all, as a writer I have always been intensely curious about the human condition, the individually special ways our minds work. - and to me, every coaching client is a new opportunity to discover another uniquely wonderful mind, and give them the tools to reach their full potential!

If you’d like to find out more - about yourself and about coaching with me - you can contact me at

[email protected]

and come and experience the difference that makes the difference!


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