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Health Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching is a structured way to support people who want to aspire to better things in their personal, professional and business lives.

New Oceans Health and Wellness Coaching for a clear bright tomorrow. Health and wellness coaching for the whole you.

When we are healthy and well we feel more energetic, achieve more, enjoy what we do more, smile more, laugh more, and look forward to the future.

Wellness coaching helps you to maximise your health in a way that fits into your life. We are all different and each have our own health needs.

New Oceans Health and Wellness Coaching can help you to optimise your health in a managable way. Finding the best way to be the best you. Specialising in diet, fitness, stress management, smoking cessation, work life balance and coping with chronic disease. Life & Health Coaching the NLP way

Life in the 21st Century is extreme. More and more people seem to be experiencing increased stress in their lives. We frequently hear complaints about not enough time; job burnout; being confronted with too many decisions and choices, or not enough.

Neuro-linguistic Programming is the study of the structure of how we do what we do, how to access resources we’ve forgotten we have, to empower us to move forward.

This help has also now arrived in the form of life coaching with NLP, a powerful antidote to the challenges of life in the 21st Century.

A New Oceans coach helps you think out loud, and is your supportive wake up call, and your partner in achieving your personal and professional goals; to find out what makes you happiest in life, and to brainstorm ideas on how to achieve and keep every area in your life fulfilled.



This is what you get on the your New Oceans Health coaching session

A vision setting out what you want in your health

A detailed personal history which establishes the root cause of the problem

A comprehensive clearing of all the major negative emotions and any others that are stopping you from being totally well

Clearing out any restricting beliefs that stop you from having the health you desire

Concentrated focus on your health using metaphors of the body so you can gracefully understand how to get into the state of talking with your body

Finding out what is important to you in your health and realigning your mind and body to those values

Learn techniques that enable you to directly communicate with your unconscious mind so you can continue to work on yourself, even after the session.


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70% of men and 63% of women are obese or overweight.

1/3 of children aged 8 - 15 are overweight or obese.

Obesity accounts for 30,000 deaths a year.

Obesity has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure and strokes. It is also associated with higher rates of certain types of cancer.

95% of all dieters regain their weight after dieting because diets are short-term and not for life, they create the feeling of deprivation, are not practical or realistic and increase levels of body fat.

Your body responds to low calorie diets by assuming that it is experiencing a 'famine' period, so it slows your metabolism to conserve and store more fat.

Diets often exclude important food groups necessary for good health so even if you do lose weight you could be creating health problems for the future.

Talk to us about how the IdealYou weight loss programme help you lose weight using NLP, hypnotherapy and other techniques.