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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is not a form of therapy, although it is used by many therapists in combination with other forms of therapy. NLP is the culmination of research over the last 30 years into how the human mind works.

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming puts you in control of your own health

As a therapeutic tool, NLP has been highly successful, showing amazing results. The reasons behind these results is relatively straightforward:

We were born with the most amazing computer in the universe - the human brain. Unfortunately, nobody gave us an instruction manual on how to work it - and this is where NLP can help. NLP helps to show you how to run your brain, how to control how you feel, how to be a more effective human being, how to improve your communication skills and how your mind influences your health.

Mastering your mind and mastering your life

Sometimes you may feel unable to control your feelings: this all changes once you know how your mind works NLP puts you back in control!


If you are held back by events from your past, NLP has some very effective ways of releasing you - such as the 'rewind' technique for dealing with phobias and post traumatic stress disorder.

NLP and peak performance

NLP is used extensively in business and sport to improve effectiveness. If you know the programmes you are running in your mind when you perform at your best, you can duplicate these on a regular basis and obtain significant improvements.

So whether it's to increase your motivation, improve your performance at work, setting and achieving goals, improving your performance at sports, or public speaking skills - NLP can help you become more successful.

Communications and influence

Generally, the more successful your communication skills, the happier and more effective you are in all areas of your life. NLP can enhance the influence you have on your family, colleagues at work or your partner. NLP can help you to develop a rapport with others in a matter of seconds, and help you become aware of how people respond to what they see, hear, feel and the words you use.

Health and the mind

NLP recognises that the mind and body are connected, and it can be used to great effect to allow you to influence your own health and so reduce the stress in your life.

Utilising NLP methods and techniques whist in a state of hypnosis takes their effectiveness to another level.


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70% of men and 63% of women are obese or overweight.

1/3 of children aged 8 - 15 are overweight or obese.

Obesity accounts for 30,000 deaths a year.

Obesity has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure and strokes. It is also associated with higher rates of certain types of cancer.

95% of all dieters regain their weight after dieting because diets are short-term and not for life, they create the feeling of deprivation, are not practical or realistic and increase levels of body fat.

Your body responds to low calorie diets by assuming that it is experiencing a 'famine' period, so it slows your metabolism to conserve and store more fat.

Diets often exclude important food groups necessary for good health so even if you do lose weight you could be creating health problems for the future.

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