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NOW! Wheel of Life

Is your life in balance? If your career is going strong and your income is soaring but you don't have time to enjoy it, you're probably out of balance. If your hobbies and activities are taking you away from your friends and family, maybe you're life is out of balance. If you are so busy with other things that you're ignoring your health, you probably need a balance adjustment. If you have the house, the car, the boat and the lakeside cabin but no one to enjoy it with, your balance is out of kilter.

Have you ever felt like your life was out-of-control? If you have, you probably have a problem with balancing life's priorities. Balance is the type of thing that sounds good in theory but is hard to apply in "real" life.

With the constant demands from our work and families, it may be difficult to imagine a life that allows for all the things you would like to do. Many people make the mistake of putting other’s needs ahead of their own. However, this may be a costly mistake in the long run. Burnout, depression, and loss of health are often the price we pay for not making balance a priority in our lives.

Perhaps intuitively, great leaders and Successful individuals throughout time have known the importance of having balance in their lives. Instead of living to work, they worked to live. In the process, they became much more well-rounded and balanced in their lives…characteristics which correlate to Success.

At this point, you may be wondering how you, too, could achieve more balance in your life and reap the benefits that come with it. The first step is to determine which areas of your life are out of balance.

Below is a simple exercise that can help you do this. The wheel of life allows you to determine whether you are focusing too much on one part of your life and so neglecting others. The wheel is divided into sections. Rank your level of satisfaction from 0-100 with each area of your life - where 100 is totally happy. Press submit to determine how balanced your life is.


"You cannot discover new oceans unless
you have the courage to turn away from the shore"