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"You cannot discover new oceans unless
you have the courage to turn away from the shore"



Hello and welcome from Paul, and Dee


Meet Paul Jacobs

"I am passionate about helping individuals and organisations reach their potential.

I started New Oceans some 17 years ago with a mission to share my passion (PASS-I-ON!) for NLP, and the difference it can make in our lives. Our style is more of a family approach, providing not just training but life coaching as part of the learning journey.

Sigmund Freud suggested we were each born with a 'golden seed' inside us! It's important to me to recognise that we all have our own unique way of learning and growing... and to provide 'liberal watering' as required!"

Paul is an NLP Trainer with the International NLP Trainers Association, a life and business coach, learning coach, co-founder, with Dee Shipman, of The Rainbow Journey. He is a renowned specialist in working with children with special differences.



Meet Dee Shipman

Dee is New Oceans Director of Training, Coaching, & Coach Training. As an NLP Trainer, Master Coach, and Master Coach Trainer, Dee works to empower people - specially women - both one-to-one and in groups. She has organised extremely successful workshops for Women Executives in large organisations such as BT and McDonalds.

And through her work in Jordan, Dee has now been invited to be the UK Representative of the International Women's Forum, one aim of which is to maximise the commonalities of women East and West, and rejoice in and celebrate the uniqueness of each, which is what New Oceans NLP is all about!

The other huge area of what Dee achieves is concerned with health issues, and the completely different approach that NLP, and in particular New Oceans, has in dealing with these. Basically, in everything Dee does, it comes down to taking back ownership of one's life...

She has always been involved in music, as both writer and performer, and still continues her writing partnership with the legendary Charles Aznovour. Dee has also composed the only CD of NLP Songs For Change, in country music style, which is now also being used by many NLP training organisations round the world.

As an NLP author Dee has now written five books..... . The Sunbeam Collection Vols.1 and 2, All We Are Is Our Stories, New Oceans Magic 7 Stress Tips, New Oceans Magic 7 Coaching Tips, and is currently completing her sixth book, an NLP primer, called The Mop Is Not The Cherry Tree.

With her partner in New Oceans, Paul Jacobs,Dee expresses her other passion..... to use the NLP 'toolkit' to help inspire parents, teachers, and young people themselves. both in the UK and in Amman.

Dee says "It is passion that is my passion - the energy and commitment that drives people towards their ideals, outcomes, dreams. She says "I want to encourage people, especially women, to dream the impossible! Possible dreams are too small - go for what seems beyond you at the moment. Challenge yourself in order to grow, remembering that there's no failure, only feedback, and learning! So when you want something different, do something different........

And always have a dream beyond the dream!"



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