ADD Coaching
"You already have all the resources you need to succeed."


Do you suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

Do you have trouble:

  • Staying focused?
  • Structuring your day?
  • Maintaining a routine?
  • Getting organised?
  • Remembering things?

Are you:

  • An inventive problem solver?
  • Particularly intuitive?
  • Very creative?
  • Extremely empathetic?
  • Able to multitask?

Do you know ADD coaching can really benefit you?

What is ADD coaching?
Coaching is a personal and powerful relationship focused on your having, doing and being what you want in life. A coach provides a simple, yet effective structure to assist you in moving forward in significant areas of your life.
An ADD coach also teaches you better life management skills in areas like time management and organisation and gives you strategies and techniques for dealing with difficult ADD issues.

It's like having a personal trainer for your life and your career. The alliance between you and your coach is personally designed to help you embrace the challenges posed and capitalise on the attributes afforded by ADD.

How specifically can ADD coaching help?

An ADD coach provides you with constant encouragement, direction and reminders. A professional ADD coach helps you:

  • Focus and stay on track
  • Reduce inner chaos
  • Improve productivity
  • Structure your life
  • Devise action plans and strategies
  • Improve your sense of control
  • Work through and remove obstacles
  • Achieve more joy and fulfilment
  • Identify and maximise your ADD strengths
  • Stave off procrastination, disorganisation, and negative thinking

Other ADD services provided (in addition to individual coaching):

  1. Family ADD coaching for kids or teens and their parents. The result is that kids learn life management and study skills, the whole family learns new coping skills, and family life runs more smoothly.
  2. Training for coaches who wish to specialise in ADD coaching

How is ADD coaching done?

It can be done in person or over the telephone—so you can be anywhere in the world and take advantage of this incredibly helpful tool.

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