Ania's Vegan Kitchen
At The Dower House

There are two great medicines: Healthy & Delicious Food Recipes, and Healthy & Delicious Mind Recipes - Paul Jacobs


Meet Ania (Ania Rokiczan)


My kitchen was always 'my office'..... even as a child, I did my homework in the kitchen!

My kitchen is always the best place........laughing, friends, tea and coffee, the big wooden table...............and sharing good food!

You see me in my kitchen, my body is more confident, I talk more. And I need to wear jewellery in my kitchen! To wear gypsy-style clothes, or sometimes jeans, flat shoes.

In my Kitchen I'm always smiling!

Anna's Kitchen is where I show my creativity.... we have a saying in Poland,...

"She can do something with nothing"! That is what I am good at.

And I like to do things different all the time. Right now, since I discover Vegan food can be really good, I can have adventures with 100 different types of beans!

It is important to me to be adventurous in my kitchen. I can work under pressure only if it is my own pressure, so I don't like to have a boss in my kitchen, only me!

It is important to me to be happy - I believe if you are not happy, you can't cook well. I believe you must love it.....

if there is no heart, there is no taste.

It is important to me to make people smile when they taste my food. The best thing is when they ask for the recipes

I wasn't sure about Vegan food at first, but now I cook it and it's really tasty!

I love the colours, the creativity to cook without meat.....! It's more fun now for me to cook, doing Vegan cuisine - more fun, and more healthy.

It is important to me that people are healthy as well as full of delicious food!

In my kitchen I am a person with no stress or worries. When I was young and I cooked in my mother's kitchen and she tells me I do something wrong because it's not the way she does it, I tell her, "No, this is my way!" And she said to me once when this happened, "Do you think you are God?" And I say, "No, I am just the kitchen angel !"

My dream even then was to be at the seaside, in a white house, feeding people!

My purpose in life is simple - to give people pleasure, to give them new experiences........ to make people smile when they eat my food like I do when I cook it!


Ania's Vegan Kitchen Recipe Books

Ania's Vegan Menu Book 1 Taster

Ania's Vegan Menu Book 2 Taster

Ania's Vegan Soups Book 1 Taster

The Venue - The Dower House - a large country home, part of the Hexton Manor properties, deep in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. B&B is available for just 35.

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