All We Are Is Our Stories
by Dee Shipman & Paul Jacobs



(Patterns….& whose they are!)

DEE Shipman

She felt as though she was not only rooted to where she stood, but that the weight of her expectancy was pushing her even further down, deeper into her primeval heritage. She wondered remotely, dissociatedly, what it must be like to have only one baby at a time……when she dropped this lot she would be able to wave her arms, dance for joy!

But she accepted that she was what she was – and that this is how it always was... The wind was getting up now:- for all her heaviness she could feel a movement growing in her, a change, and then the rain started…..and as the waters broke, her fruits were torn free from the safety of her body……

... Now the sun was warm: and on the forest floor they were aware of the unseen protection of their mother’s green dress billowing above them.

It was funny how comforting it was to know that all that was required of them now was to BE, not to DO – because the patterns had been set for them, and they could only be what their parents, what all the members of their family tree, had been, and were.

All they had to do was to find a safe crack in the earth, and wait to become the same.

So each little acorn rolled in the sun-kissed and now gentle breeze, to hide; patiently resigned to be as they were designed, to become, like their mother, an oak tree………..rolling away from the light, towards the safe dark earth; preparing to be the same, and in the same place, as all the other oaks in the forest.

Except for one acorn…….”I will NOT be yet another oak tree!” he declared. “Nor be in the same place. I’m different…..I want to travel, see more of the world, really understand others from the inside”.

“You’re an acorn….you have to be like us” said the other acorns woodenly. But he just knew that wasn’t for him. No accident of birth was going to decide his life. “I will not GROW in this forest… I WILL not grow in this forest!” he vowed.

And he was right...

There was a rustle in the undergrowth, and suddenly a squirrel pounced on the mismatching acorn, smashed it open – and ate it!

Be very careful what you wish for...!

Unless of course you are an NLP nut! In that case you would future pace, and go some months ahead, to when the acorn had been carried inside the squirrel and eventually dropped in a totally new place.

It hadn’t been able to control what the territory had thrown at it, but it HAD been able to choose how it mapped it, by using circumstances, and reframing the raindrop of being eaten, into the sunbeam of having achieved its outcome…… not be yet another oak tree in the same old place, to see what life was like inside someone else!

And of course, it WAS different, for no matter how many oak trees there are, each one is totally unique.

What is more, our dreams are unique to our maps….. and we ARE our dreams!

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