All We Are Is Our Stories
by Dee Shipman & Paul Jacobs



DEE Shipman

This is about one of those everyday stories – love! – as an example of the logical level of Values, Beliefs, & Metaprograms. It’s also, of course, about reframing, looking at something in a completely new way to open up the landscape of our maps.

Love doesn't make us mad

It keeps us sane

It's living without love that's crazy


Love makes us get our priorities right

In love it's far more rational to count the raindrops

Falling on your face

Than to buy an umbrella


And much more important to keep his voice in your head

Than talk to friends on the phone

To stroke the imprint of his body on the bed

Than to straighten the pillows

Or change the sheets


Love makes it logical to kiss the phone

After you've whispered "Goodnight"

And makes it make more sense to keep the smell of him on your breasts Instead of Ralph Lauren's 'Safari'

Love doesn't make you lose your reason……….

It's the only reason there is.

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