All We Are Is Our Stories
by Dee Shipman & Paul Jacobs



DEE Shipman

Probably nothing gives away our metaprograms as much as our prayers, whether or not we are religious! Most of us invoke help from a higher source at times, even if not totally believing there is one! At one of our Master Practitioner trainings we set them a challenge… write their own ‘prayers’, based on key metaprograms and psychometrics.

These were what I came up with…… can you elicit what they are?

Our Father, or Mother, which art in Heaven or wherever, hallowed or goodbyed be Thy name. Give us this day, or tomorrow or the day after, whenever, our daily bread or rolls or bagels or rice cakes.

And lead us not into temptation without pace- pacing us first, and giving us the choice to go there or not.

For Thine is the kingdom, the queendom, the republic, the POWEERR, the BMW, the Mercedes model, for ever and ever…or as long as you choose.

So be it….or not….whatever.

OUR Father, who art IN Heaven, SENSE or INTUIT our needs, THINK of our feelings, and JUDGE us not, but PERCEIVE that one day we too will be gods….and then we’ll get our own back!

In the name of the Myers, the Briggs, and the holy Jung.

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