Figuring Out People
Deepening understanding of people for better rapport, relationships and influence, and developing others


About the Programme

Have you ever uttered those frustrated words "I give up, I just can't figure him out!"? We all get baffled from time to time trying to understand what makes people tick, second-guessing motives and reasons.

Personality tools such as Myers-Briggs, DISC and 16PF have been useful in looking at peoples communication, learning, decision-making styles, preferences and traits. But now, finally, using NLP we can get some real answers to the question “What makes you tick?"!

This workshop based on the NLP Meta Programs will introduce you to radical new approach to understand how people think, their motivations, communication style, interpersonal and work styles, thinking styles, decision-making, learning and change styles.

NLP Meta-programs are probably the greatest contribution the field of NLP has made to understanding human differences. Only by understanding and appreciating human differences can we begin to respect and support other people whose models of the world differ dramatically from our own.

You will learn how to

  • understand candidates, customers, etc. much more quickly so that you can offer them what they really want rather
  • understand your colleagues, your partners better by eliciting behaviour and thinking patterns and understand how their model of their world is different from yours
  • recognise what will stimulate and maintain someone’s motivation
  • match your language and behaviour to spark interest and enthusiasm
  • establish a deep level of rapport and communicate with anyone
  • shorten the sales cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction
  • design powerful marketing and advertising campaigns
  • hire people who are motivated to perform
  • create high performance teams by managing people’s strengths, instead of suffering their weaknesses.

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