Creativity Tips
Begin with the end in mind


Story Boarding

Leonardo da Vinci put images on the wall to examine the layout of his frescos. Walt Disney created detailed layouts of all animated films to coordinate their development. This way he was able to manage the thousands of drawings required by his projects, add and subtract scenes and focus discussions.

Put thoughts on cards and the cards on the wall. Start with a topic card. Put header cards under each topic card (general points, categories, considerations), Under each "header", the group brainstorms "sub-headers" that expand and illustrate the headers.

As in brainstorming, no criticism is allowed until after all the ideas are up. The process helps members see connections, how things fit together, what might be done next, etc.

To plan and develop project/paper ideas, facilitate communication, coordinate a team's work. Storyboards can be done by individuals as well as groups.

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