Get That Part
Discover the secrets of how to audition well and get that part without Falling Apart


About the Programme

What is the difference that makes the difference in auditioning well and getting that part?

One of the most difficult, intimidating, and mysterious jobs an actor will have during his or her career will be getting the job. Actors fear the audition process more than the acting job itself. Should you memorize material for the audition, wear special clothes, shave, wear a beard, jewellery, no jewellery, casual, not casual? Try to "aim for the part" by tailoring your selected audition material? What should I say to the casting people? Should I talk to "the other people" in the room? Is it a good idea to talk to the director? These and many more questions will be answered in detail.

The Rainbow Journey Workshop will set the record straight, calm your fears, build your confidence, and remove some of the mystery that surrounds the process. Bring your questions and fears, lay them out, and leave them behind..

You will learn how to

  • be well prepared for anything
  • accelerate reading and learning the script for better understanding of the character
  • communicate your personality
  • manage your emotional state and bring out the best in you
  • create compelling goals and realise your dreams
  • quickly get into a role - using thnking, feeling and doing model and using all the five senses
  • get into rapport with anyone at anytime (whether they like you or not) and establish trust and credibility.

"You already have all the resources you need"

"You cannot not communicate"

....and you will gain the special skills that will help you get cast: proper preparation, what to bring to an audition, script and storyboard analysis, believeable character-creation, making a memorable impression, where to get great headshots, professional resumes, the strong entrance and exit, etc . and...

Learn the 5 simple steps to auditioning, the difference between stage and film acting, mic and camera techniques, how to avoid the common but potentially disasterous mistakes most prospective talent make.

The confidence you need to win on-camera and voiceover jobs comes from excellent training, developing marketable skills, and experience auditioning and acting on-camera and on-mic.

Learn what distinguishes acting for the camera from stage acting. Practice the instant characterization necessary to give that powerful and unique reading that will get you cast. Find relationships, humor, what you're fighting for, discoveries, etc. Shoot movie scenes and TV ads!

Gain on-camera and on-mic experience with a variety of scripts and professional direction Build your confidence by finding success in a non-threatening, supportive environment

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