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NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, enables you to achieve personal goals more quickly and effectively than ever before. In other words, you can do more of what you want, get more, know more, and, especially, be what you want.

NLP will show you the way to:

  • build personal relationships
  • increase your persuasive skills
  • have a positive mental attitude
  • increase your self-esteem
  • overcome the effects of past negative experiences
  • focus on goals and channel your energy into achieving them
  • control the way you feel
  • align your values and beliefs with what you want to achieve
  • change unwanted habits
  • feel confident in whatever you attempt to do
  • perform at your best
  • achieve goals you previously considered impossible
  • establish rapport with clients, customers and work colleagues
  • find creative ways to solve problems
  • enjoy activities you used to fear
  • use your time more effectively
  • increase your sense of purpose in life
  • acquire the skills you admire in others
  • get more pleasure out of life
NLP is about communication

One of the principles of NLP is that we are always communicating and a very large proportion of our communication is other than words. NLP provides practical tools for becoming highly skilled communicators.

NLP is about language

Language affects how we think and respond. The very process of converting experience into language requires that we condense, distort, and summarise how we perceive the world. NLP provides questions and patterns to make communication more as we intend. NLP teaches us to understand how language affects us through implicit and embedded assumptions.

NLP is about modelling excellence

NLP processes/strategies are a result of discovering how experts or excellent leaders do what they do so well; it is then possible to teach these skills to others. Modelling skills, based on detailed observations and careful questions around beliefs and values, are the key to competence in NLP Learning the specific components of how others do something well will provide you with new options and accelerated learning.

NLP is about mastering your mind

NLP describes, in very precise terms, the images, sounds, and feelings that make up our inner and outer world. How do we know what we know? How do we do what we do? For example, how do you know that a pleasant memory is pleasant? How do you know when to feel scared or happy at certain times? How do you like or dislike something? How do you learn a subject easily, or not? NLP provides us with the equivalent of a user's manual for our brain - NLP techniques demonstrate how we `code' our experience. When we understand the specific ways that our brains make distinctions, then it is easier to make changes, to learn and to communicate effectively.

NLP is the study of internal experience

NLP is a tool to calibrate and understand how an individual makes sense of the world. NLP studies individuals' experiences: how our thoughts, actions and feelings work together to produce our experience. It does NOT assume that we all do this the same way. It does NOT produce formulae for body language or even eye movements without understanding the individual. In NLP we know that each person has a unique style of learning, perceiving and responding to the world. NLP is inherently respectful of differences.

NLP has a wide range of practical applications in business (e.g. management, personnel, sales, consulting), training and development, education, law, medicine, health, farming, writing and the arts, sports, parenting, hobbies and personal development - anywhere communicating and excelling are important. The more you are interested in communication, personal effectiveness and development - the more NLP has to offer.

How can I get started?

New Oceans are members of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) and run both Certified Diploma (4 days) and Practitioner (18 days) training programmes. We hold regular SPRING-INTO-LIFE one-day and two-day introduction to NLP workshops. For business we run both “NLP in Business” Diploma and Practitioner, and provide a wide range of NLP-based business training and consultancy.

NLP is the wisdom of research over the past 25 years into how the human mind works. It was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the early 1970s. It is often said that we were born with the most amazing computer in the Universe - the Human Brain. The only problem is, nobody gave us an instruction manual on how to work it. NLP goes a long way to showing you how to run your brain, how to control how you feel, how to be a more-effective human being, how to improve your communication skills and how your mind influences your health.

Neuro Linguistic Programming sets out to discover how people learn, how people think, how people do things excellently and how to replicate success. The difference that makes the difference between those who excel and those who get by in the way they communicate, motivate, influence, negotiate, lead, and empower.

NLP provides us with a very useful model of how we communicate, learn and change and with this model for the first time we can develop the skills to discover how you make sense of your world and most importantly how to make it what you want it to be.

When I learn about NLP, where will I use it ?

NLP has four main areas of application :

Mastering your mind and mastering your life

NLP is probably best known for helping people overcome problems such as stress, fears, phobias, etc. Most of us feel that we are unable to control how we feel. Once you know how your mind works you are more likely to be able to control your feelings. Many of us are also held back by events in our past. NLP has some very effective ways of releasing you from the past. If your work involves helping others, NLP will offer you some vital skills. So, when you learn about NLP, you will be better-equipped to help yourself and others overcome stress, increase motivation, decide exactly what you want in life, handle any fears that hold you back, and generally be a happier person.

Peak Performance

NLP is used extensively by individuals in all walks of life to improve their effectiveness. If you know the programmes you are running in your mind when you perform at your best, you can duplicate these on a regular basis and see significant improvements. So, whether it’s to increase your motivation, improve your performance at work, setting and achieving goals, improving your performance at sports, you can use NLP to become more successful in all areas of your life.

Communications and Influence

Much of the quality of our lives comes down to the quality of our communications. NLP offers you some of the most effective communications skills available. You will discover how to develop rapport with people in matters of seconds, how different people respond differently to certain words, how to handle difficult people, how to influence your children more effectively, and how to become a better public speaker. Health and the Mind It is now a proven scientific fact that the Mind and Body are connected. NLP is being used with great effect to show how you can influence your health by being in control of your mind and your thought process and reducing the stress in your life.

Learning How to Learn

In essence NLP is about learning how to learn. It provides a rich set of techniques for accelerating learning and helping individuals with learning difficulties all reach their potential. NLP can help us all rediscover the joy of learning.

How can NLP help me in business?

The reason that many multi-national companies, entrepreneurs and small businesses are using NLP is simple. The ability to perform at your best, to tap your true potential, and to be a powerful communicator, depends to a large extent on your ability to utilise the power of your mind. NLP gives you the skills to do this. Furthermore, some of the leading lights in NLP have studied the most successful people in the world to discover exactly how they are thinking. Some aspects of this can be copied or modelled by you and I. In other words, if you could adopt some of the thought patterns, thinking strategies, some of the beliefs of someone like Richard Branson, you would undoubtedly be more effective in your work. NLP unlocks some of these secrets of success.

What about NLP as a form of Therapy ?

NLP is being used very successfully to help people with a variety of issues - such as fears, phobias, depression and painful memories. NLP is often very effective when combined with various forms of therapy. The following are all professions who are starting to incorporate NLP into their work - Doctors, Dentists, Aromatherapists, Homeopaths, Acupuncture Practitioners, Alexander Technique, Chiropractors, Hypnotherapists, Herbalists, Reflexology, Psychotherapists and many more.

Could my family benefit from NLP ?

Yes, because NLP offers us insights into two crucial life skills. First, the ability to be in control of your thoughts and feelings, even when times are tough. Secondly, the ability to be an effective communicator. You and your family will not fulfil their true potential in life if they are not good communicators. In business, communication skills are often regarded as more important than qualifications. In any relationship, communication skills are vital. NLP does not have all the answers, but it does provide fascinating insights.

I’m not sure what I want? Can NLP help me ?

Yes. The first step to changing any area of your life is to become totally clear about what you want and where you are going. NLP offers you some very effective ways of setting goals and outcomes, and finally becoming clear on what you want in life.

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