The Magic of Rapport
Discover the secrets of how to establish, maintain and utilise rapport


About the Programme

What is the difference that makes the difference in effective communication?

This workshop provides an introduction to (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming perhaps the most powerful communication model in existence today and offers an easy and effective way to communication excellence

You will learn how to

  • get into rapport with anyone at anytime (whether they like you or not) and establish trust and credibility.
  • take control of any situation immediately
  • use the power of suggestion to get what you want
  • present your ideas in ways that are virtually irresistible
  • increase your powers of observation and be able to see what others don't see
  • recognize and communicate with the different thinking and communication styles
  • effectively use verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • overcome resistance effortlessly and effectively
  • get people to agree with you
  • get other people to clearly understand you
  • avoid being manipulated

"First understand, then be understood"

"The meaning of the communication is the response you get"

"You cannot not communicate"

Programme Investment

This workshop is a one-day course. A comprehensive course manual and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

This course investment is 100 plus VAT per delegate.

Venue & Dates
Training is based in Hexton, Herts.
Call for dates

This course can also be delivered in-house. Please call if you would like to discuss how.


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