The Sunbeam Collection


T H E   G I R A F F E

Once, in the deepest oldest forests before time was born, there was a beautiful giraffe who was very unhappy but no-one could see it cry because its head was always high above. The giraffe was sad because the other creatures thought it too quiet and gentle to be powerful, and it believed they would only take it seriously if they were frightened of it.

So one day it announced that it had fooled them, it was really a fire-breathing dragon. And it roared flames at them. This strategy seemed to work, for the creatures ran away.

But now the giraffe was lonely. And what was worse, the fire had gone inside and it couldn't breathe. Then the giraffe realised how clear the air was at the top of the trees where dragons couldn't reach but giraffes could. And it realised how the rain was clear and sweet nearer the sky; and how wise the others had thought it for having an overview on life.

And it decided that being a dragon was a drag 'n' being a giraffe was a gift. And once the decision was made the giraffe's mind cleared and then so did its body and it could breathe again.


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