The Sunbeam Collection


G I V E  M E
T H E   C H I L D R E N

The New Oceans ethos for our NLP in Education trainings is that our childrenís education can be much improved, and far more enjoyable for them, by focusing on learning rather than teaching: as that prime exemplar of an educator, Miss Jean Brodie, knew, itís about drawing out, not forcing in!


Give me the children

The younger the better

For life is a long journey

And there is so much to discover....

How to be, how to do, how to see

And say, and feel.....


How do we think?

What is natural, what is innate?

What is aspirational

And what is a dream?


How to use our inborn joy, to give

To live, to love, to grow

We all need someone to model

To show us the way, the how



Give me the children.....

So that I may learn.


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