Accelerated Learning
Strengthen your senses and mental capabilities to improve in every type of learning


What is Accelerated Learning?

Accelerated Learning is a natural way to learn. How do children know how to learn? Nobody teaches them. They just learn and they learn FAST! Accelerated Learning uses the full power of the mind and body. It is a systemic way to learn. It enables the individual to experience learning as fast effective and durable (placing the learning into long term memory).

Accelerated learning and NLP provide breakthrought strategies and methods to:

  • remember people's names
  • improve your memory
  • read faster and with better comprehension
  • write more creatively and fluently
  • learn a foreign language more quickly
  • strengthen your senses and mental capabilities to improve every type of learning

Why is Accelerated Learning so important?

People’s time and attention are a precious commodity. As trainers we always need to look for ways to do more with less. Accelerated Learning enables us to do just that. When people take the time to learn and attend training, they want:

  • To be entertained
  • Retention of the subject matter and tools
  • Experiential activities
  • To have fun
  • To have a great instructor
  • Get good results
  • Be able to apply the material
  • Have the learning seem easy
  • A behavior change
  • A sense of control
  • An excellent environment
  • A fast paced experience
  • The learning to be inspirational
  • To be challenged but not put into overload

Accelerated Learning does all of this.

Total Environment:

Accelerated Learning orchestrates the entire environment for learning to create powerful and memorable experiences that can be immediately applied. No matter what the content does and no matter who your audience is, Accelerated Learning enables you to control the learning experience. People are able to access their own innate natural ability to learn (the ability they had as a child) and they love it.

At New Oceans we make wide use of accelerated learning approaches in the design and delivery of all our training programmes.

Essentially, accelerated learning is the practical application of psychological research to assist individuals access the enormous potential that they have to learn new things rapidly and easily. The two central principles of Accelerated Learning are:

  • Material is presented in such a way that visual, auditory and physical senses are engaged to enhance the learning experience.
  • Left and right halves of the brain are engaged, as well as the emotional area, so that learning is more effective, faster and more fun.

Using this methodology, you can learn things very quickly. For instance, using this approach you can learn the basics of a new language in just weeks!

Traditional and Accelerated Learning Approaches differ in many significant ways:

Traditional Teaching Accelerated Learning
Rational, left brain Whole brain
Mainly auditory All sensory modalities involved
Teacher takes responsibility for outcomes Students take responsibility for outcomes
Material presented at slow speed Material presented at normal, natural speed
Teacher/curriculum centered Student centered
Uses conscious, analytical approach Engages subconscious processing capabilities
People with visual andphysical learning preferences are missed out All three learning styles are stimulated, so learning
Such people constitute about 65% of the population! becomes fast,effective and enjoyable

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