Presenting Yourself
Discover how to use your non-verbal and verbal language to make a greater impact


About the Programme

Presentations are something that we do every day. With every conversation that we have, we present ourselves to ourselves. So presentations come in many forms - dining with friends, appointments, business meetings, being on stage, and conducting workshops and seminars.

Most people who give presentations want to become better at it! As a presenter, most of us want to make a big impact on the audience. We want to be seen as credible, competent, and that the topic we are presenting is relevant and important. There are charismatic presenters that seem to present elegantly and easily. The sessions flow smoothly, the audience seems captivated and eager, and they actually enjoy their time under the spotlight.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) observes the best, and asks the question "What is the difference between a presenter that continually struggles with anxiety, even though they know the material well, with a presenter that glides through every delivery"? By observing the best, underlying patterns of behaviour became apparent. Excellent presenters share the ability to choose their own emotional state, and have a curiosity for doing things better.

Every presentation is really about selling. To sell your product or ideas, you must first sell your credibility and competency. You must also sell what you are presenting as relevant and important.

You will learn how to

  • use your body as a fine tuned instrument to make a greater impact on your audience
  • discover your natural presentation style
  • use your senses more to observe the audience's reaction
  • use verbal and non-verbal language patterns of influence
  • Knowing how the brain takes in information
  • increase voice flexibility and visual impact
  • access resourceful states in your audience
  • elicit learning and thinking styles and connect quickly
  • design a successful presentation based on the Five Key Principles
  • handle objections and group dynamics

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