Magic of Rapport
Discover the secrets of how to establish, maintain and utilise rapport


About the Programme

Most business decisions are made on the basis of rapport rather than technical merit. You are more likely to buy from, agree with, support someone you can relate to than someone you can't - People like people who are like themselves.

Neuro Linguistic Programming began with the study of excellent communicators. What is the difference that makes the difference in feeling comfortable and acknowledged by someone, even if they are disagreeing with what you say? How is it that some people you meet you instantly like - while others you can't get away from fast enough? Why can you talk to some people for hours and it seems like minutes?

The answer to all of these questions is rapport - a foundation stone of NLP, and the most important process in any communication. Rapport is the ability to enter someone else's world, to make them feel that you understand them, that you have a strong common bond. Rapport is the ability to see each other's point of view (not necessarily to agree with it), to be on the same wavelength and to appreciate each other's feelings.

This seminar provides the world's most powerful communication model in existence today and offers an easy and effective way to control your own emotional states.

"First understand, then be understood"

You will learn how to

  • get into rapport with anyone at anytime (whether they like you or not).
  • increase your powers of observation and be able to see what others don't see.
  • effectively use verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • recognize and communicate with the different thinking and communication styles.
  • create powerful states of excellence that you can use anytime; anywhere.
  • create automatic triggers for self-confidence, creativity, serenity etc.

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