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What if there was a new way of delivering training that was flexible, effective, employed the latest in accelerated learning, and guaranteed to make a difference.

New Oceans Brown Bag NLP Workshops are a new way of delivering business and life skills that is enjoyable, flexible, fun, and will make a difference fast.


The most successful organisations are always looking for ways to get even, what if there was something in this brown bag that could quickly help make a positive difference to you and your organisation?

Well just take a look inside:- what you will find here is based on the most powerful 'toolkit' available today for understanding and influencing people, and for performing at your best - NLP.

And as New Oceans' approach to using NLP is unique, you only have to open the bag to find everything you need to uncover the difference that makes the difference in your organisation, and how to use it to the optimum benefit of the company AND everyone in it!

In the time it takes to eat your lunch you can discover wonderful ways to optimise yourself and your organisation....but this is no "quick fix" - it's a real and permanent way to ensure that you, your company, and everyone in it are always performing at their best!

The Brown Bag series can be based in your premises, or offsite, run at breakfast, lunch, tea time, or twilight period.

They are typically 90 minute, drop in sessions, with a choice of formal or informal, general or master class focus and tailored to your needs.

Give us a call if you want a new way to deliver key skills and want to make a difference fast!

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