Discover how to create a compelling future for you and others


Just imagine if there was a strategy that could always ensure you reached your goals.

What do you want? People who achieve what they want in life have compelling goals. The NLP process of modelling high achievers, people who consistently achieve their goals, have pinpointed the difference that makes the difference, the difference between the ritualistic goal setting that ends up in the bottom drawer and the compelling visions that uplift and motivate.

Formulating well-formed outcomes is a method used in NLP to achieve changes in our lives by determining what are our goals and desires.

Communicating without a desired outcome is like travelling without a destination. You may end up in a place you really enjoy, or you may not. Enjoying your trip is a perfectly good outcome; ending up at the destination you want is also productive.

An outcome is the result you want, defined in terms of the way you would like to see things happen, the way you want to feel, and what you will hear when you have your outcome. Outcomes are goals that have been clarified and finely honed by the use of the well-formedness conditions. In other words, if goals and objectives are like pencils just out of a box, outcomes are like sharpened pencils that are ready to do what you want.

POWER is New Oceans well-formed outcome strategy which provides you with a set of questions that if you follow will enable you to creating compelling goals. So join us on this one day training and give your outcomes some POWER now !!!

You will learn how to:

  • be clear about what matters to you
  • Find out what you really want and help others find out what they really want
  • Improve personal and business results
  • create compelling goals
  • gather specific, high quality information from people and how to use it to achieve outcomes
  • utilise and change your perception of time
  • get others to want to help you achieve your outcome

This Course is suitable for
Anyone who wants to make a difference at work
Programme Investment
This workshop is a one day course. A comprehensive course manual and all refreshments are included in the course fee.
This workshop investment is :

199+VAT per delegate

Venue & Dates

Training is based in Hexton, Herts. Call for dates.

This course can also be delivered in-house. Please call if you would like to discuss how.

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