Business & Executive Coaching
"The whole is even greater than the sum of the parts"

Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character."  --  Arnold Palmer


What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversation that calls forth the best in all of you - mind, body and emotions. Like top athletes, top professionals are using coaches to keep them growing, learning and improving. From R&D groups maximizing people processes, to business leaders moving to new levels of responsibility, to individuals making their dreams reality, a coach helps keep the focus, hone skills and take action for measurable results.

Coaching allows you to:

  • Break new ground,
  • See things differently,
  • Know what really matters, and
  • Experience yourself and the work differently.

Coaching is for individuals or groups who want to expand their definition of great work and lead satisfying, balanced lives. As change accelerates, the value of coaching increases. Your growth can be as concrete as adding a skill or as far-reaching as changing what you think is possible.

In a survey of executives who have used coaches, 28% said they had boosted quantifiable job performance by $500,000 to $1 million. They also reported better relationships with others (77%) and increased job satisfaction (61%). (Fortune, 2/19/01)

New Oceans Business Coaching is a set of tools to deal with limiting beliefs, and challenges in your past, that have previously prevented you achieving. These tools will then help you to move forwards towards your goals and targets AS QUICKLY AS YOU WANT and reach them!.

Unlike the old traditional form of coaching, New Oceans Business Coaches have the ability to draw out your inner resources, and strategies that have worked well and given you great success in the past. We help you to explore and relive how you achieved things then, and fine tune your success strategies for the job in hand, and your future. We will also identify strategies that are no longer useful, and give you the flexibility of choice to change them.

Executives & Senior Management

Executive Breathrough Coaching – the ultimate, exclusive coaching experience. Our Master Coaches work with the client to resolve deep personal, and business related, issues. This extremely powerful approach to coaching will have profound results very quickly. The sessions are typically half day and a series of even 4 sessions will deal with the deepest and most challenging issues. Many Managing Directors and senior business professionals favour this approach to tackle business and personal challenges fast, and effectively release time to concentrate on further successful results!


High Performance Business Coaching is particular effective for this level in your organisation. It is a focused, results-orientated coaching approach, designed to challenge and develop the individual to achieve dramatic improvements in performance in a sustainable way. Many of the managers we work with on team building and workshops opt for this style of coaching to support and develop the tools and techniques they’ve learned in the trainings.


The Coaching Corner™ - an employee support service. Boost your organisation’s productivity by supporting your colleagues in immediately dealing with challenges affecting their performance. Our coaches are on site at pre-arranged times, to work with any of your employees, covering all aspects of life coaching & therapy for personal challenges such as phobias, smoking, overweight, poor self image, low self esteem etc, and professional challenges like running successful meetings, dealing with difficult people, delighting customers, appraisal preparation, and improved influencing and sales.

NOW! Coaching for Women

New Oceans Women is a unique coaching medium created for women in business, and delivered by women in business. Typical NOW! coaching assignments encompass all aspects of life, focussing on self-esteem, how say no to others and yes to yourself, and how to balance family, relationships, business, career, parenting and personal development.

How we work

Using both intellectual and emotional intelligence, and NLP New Ocean coaches and consultants bring out what wants to happen for the individual and the organization. We balance conversation for possibility and conversation for action - increating productivity, collaboration, effectiveness and satisfaction.

What makes New Oceans Coaching and Consulting different?

New Oceans coaches and consultants are both supportive and challenging, active and still, reflective and practical. Our clients have the conversations that create great work and great lives - connecting people and ideas, directing plans and actions. We work in person and by phone to fit the busy lives of today's leaders.

At New Oceans, we work with individuals, teams and work groups creating organizations that bring out the best in each individual and create value far beyond the sum of individual contributions. We provide "just-in-time" skill building, clarify long-term and short-term goals, and build cultures that can sustain the pace of today's workplace.

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