Business Success 360
"The whole is even greater than the sum of the parts"

Ensure your business is better, stronger, faster and smarter than ever before


As stand-alone elements our Training, Consultancy and Coaching interventions make a huge difference to your organisation. Combine all the elements together into a New Oceans Business Success 360™ solution and you have an unparalleled resource to ensure your business is better, stronger, faster and smarter than ever before.

Like a compass our Business Success 360™ solutions cover every direction of organisational growth and development, using to its fullest the whole range of expertise already within your team.

One of the major benefits of this proven approach is the consistency in the message being delivered by all of our team members, materials, and communications throughout, furthering our ongoing relationship.

In addition to our training, coaching and consultancy, your Business Success 360 can also include:

Sector Expertise

We can access professionals from business sectors such as Telecommunications, IT, Retail, Sales, Entertainment, Project Management, Education, Local Authorities, Automotive and Travel, to advise you on developing these areas.

Recruitment & Selection

As part of the TSI Group we can offer a service to facilitate the management of your most precious asset – human capital – through a range of services designed to deliver the best value from your investment in highly competitive market situations.

New Oceans Business Success 360 Studio™

Creating video and web-based training, and development materials to support workshops and corporate training initiatives using professional, experienced actors, .

Product Development

Combined with our Creative Writing & Language expertise we can produce customised support material in the form of books, CD’s, DVD’s and posters for the workplace.

Personality Marketing 360™

Creative Writing and Language to co-write your handbooks, corporate training materials, marketing campaigns, advertisements, standard business letters etc., and all written communication within your organisation, applying the latest in language research on conscious and unconscious communication. Presentation skills – to give you the most successful and influential presentation skills and techniques used by all the great communicators in business and entertainment.

IT & Web development

Designing and building your website, interactive profiling tools, and on-line learning environments, for your organisation applying our expert knowledge of how to people think, are influenced, and buy.

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