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NLP at WORK FOUNDATION (Diploma Part 1) Details

dates: see training diary Hexton, Herts

‘Everybody has the resources that they need’

  • The Principal & Presuppositions of NLP
  • The Five Pillars:-

      1.Goal Setting and Outcomes-Based Thinking
      2.Sensory Acuity
      3.Behavioural Flexibility
      4.Managing State


dates: see training diary Hexton, Herts

‘There is no failure, only feedback’

  • Commitment to outcomes for the programme, each other, and yourself
  • Team learning
  • Giving and receiving empowering feedback
  • Achieving a WIN/WIN outcome in all contexts of your work and life
  • Creating a state of continuous learning
  • Making commitments to personal development and growth

MODULE A : Advanced Communication Skills Book online

DATES: call Hexton, Herts

‘People with the highest flexibility of thought and behaviour are most likely to succeed’
‘You cannot not communicate’
‘The meaning of your communication is the response you get’
‘Respect for the other person’s ‘map’ of the world is essential for effective communication’

Learn the secrets of communication excellence and learn to apply the Five Pillars (Outcomes, Sensory Acuity, Flexibility, Rapport and State Management) with elegance

  • Becoming a powerful communicator
  • Discovering, experimenting and practicing rapport skills
  • Instantly noticing different communication styles
  • Handling difficult people and situations
  • Building business relationships over the telephone
  • Developing behavioural flexibility
  • Pacing at all Logical Levels
  • Exploring the impact of non-verbal communication
  • Noticing thinking patterns that determine responses
  • Adopting perspectives that will 'get the message across' and expand thinking
  • Adjust perceptions through taking multiple stand points

Applications: Meeting & Presentations, Interviews, Colleague & Customer Interactions, Telephone Skills, Sales, Emails

MODULE B : Coaching For Performance Book online

DATES: call Hexton, Herts

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got…… so do something different’

Creating compelling goals. Develop access to more resourceful states; Induce different emotional states in others, using words, gestures and touch; Learn how to work with emotions using powerful change processes; Resolve phobias and traumatic experiences; Use submodalities and time lines for effective and swift change.

  • Exploring Behaviour Patterns
  • Break unproductive habits
  • Helping others change behaviours that limit performance
  • Exploring Emotional intelligence…. You can choose to be in the optimum state at any time
  • Achieving a state of emotional balance
  • Drawing on internal resources
  • Personal & Team Change

Applications: Time Management, Project Management, Performance Improvements, Growth & Development

MODULE C : Modelling Excellence Book online

DATES: Call Hexton, Herts

‘Modelling excellence leads to excellence’

Become a developer as well as a user of NLP; Learn the skills and strategies to model patterns of excellence; Discover how you learn; Design and carry out your own modelling project; Introduction to NLP & Coaching

  • Exploring Thinking Patterns
  • High level noticing skills
  • Developing and utilising successful strategies
  • Personal Strategies
  • Behavioural Modelling
  • Platform of excellence - becoming the leader people will follow
  • Managing performance to achieve exceptional results

Applications: Modelling Successful Strategies, Leading, Managing people, Coaching

MODULE D : Language to Influence Book online

DATES: Call Hexton, Herts

‘Resistance in a person is a sign of lack of rapport; there are no ‘resistant’ people, only inflexible communicators’
‘We simultaneously communicate at unconscious and conscious levels, not only with others but also with ourselves’

Learn the most powerful set of language skills available – Meta Model and Milton Model; Fine tune your ability to hear linguistic patterns with precision; Develop the art of asking key questions; Explore the Art of Framing and Reframing. Communicate more effectively with the unconscious mind; Use the ‘artfully vague’ language patterns of Milton Erickson to communicate more effectively and explore altered states of consciousness; Transform meaning with key words and phrases; Design and deliver profoundly meaningful stories

  • Exploring Language patterns
  • Managing your language to have the influence that you really want
  • The Art of Framing & Reframing
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • The unconscious mind
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Influencing with integrity

Applications: Meetings, Recruiting, Interviewing, Presenting, Negotiating, Account Management, Sales & Marketing, Mediation and Conflict Resolution

MODULE E : Stepping Up a Gear- Inspiring Change in Individuals, Teams & Organisations Book online

DATES: Call Hexton, Herts

‘It is easier to change ourselves than others; but if we change, others must change towards us’
‘The map is not the territory’……. how everyone’s map is unique

Learn how to identify and change limiting beliefs for yourself and others. Learn how to elicit values hierarchy and criterial equivalence. Learn how to discover and utilise MetaPrograms.

  • Exploring Belief Systems
  • Exploring motivators and drivers
  • Optimise your motivational patterns
  • Understand the differences of others
  • Logical Levels & Organisational Change
  • Exploring creativity - becoming an 'innovator'
  • Learning strategies for promoting creative outcomes
  • Learning the language of possibility and achievement
  • Managing the Inner Team

Applications: Developing People, Team Building, Organisational Change, Inspirational Leadership

MODULE F : The Art of Being Brilliant Book online

DATES: Call Hexton, Herts

‘Successful people do it backwards’…… becoming ‘solution-based’ instead of ‘problem-based’

Move from good to brilliant – at work and in life. Learn the unifying systems model that connects all the patterns of NLP and provides a framework for knowing when to use what. Apply this model to any problem for diagnosis or intervention. Revisit your mission and vision. Integration and Assessment

  • Influencing people to 'buy into' change through exquisitely directed communication
  • Studying the 'strategies' of brilliant people and business leaders
  • Creating continuous organisational learning
  • Building a 'can do' culture

Applications: You, your career, your Company, your life

Programme Investment
The full Business Practitioner course is an sixteen day programme. A comprehensive course manual, lunch and refreshments are included. Residential options available.

The programme investment is £2500+VAT per delegate . (£1950+vat self-financing). Part 1 only investment is £650+VAT and Part 2 is £1950+vat. (Save £100 + VAT when booked together)

The cost per module (A - F) is £350 + VAT when taken as individual workshops

Please contact us for further information about discounted rates for multiple employees from your organisation attending these workshops.

All of our workshops can be tailored and delivered in-house to your exact team and organisational requirements.

Join us and put
Purpose, Passion and
Performance back into your work and life

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of excellence in human performance, and is an extremely practical tool for creating success in business today. When you learn the secrets of NLP you will be able to easily apply them to enhance any area of your life. For example, you will raise your skills as a communicator to a highly advanced level, enabling you to achieve professional and personal results way beyond your previous expectations.

The principles of NLP are so powerful and yet so simple and easy to learn.

They are skills that once learned will continue to bring you unprecedented success.

The training draws upon a wide range of tools rather than adopting a fixed way of working and the modules are packed with practical advice on what works in a customer driven business.

NLP provides the tools and techniques for developing individuals, teams and organisations to achieve success.

NLP is practical. It is about real skills for real people in real business situations. It is the study of excellence - both for individuals and organisations. It relates the skills and values of the people in business to the business goals and the business structure. How can we relate this to personal success in business?

Firstly, personal success is about enjoying your work - feeling congruent and motivated by what you are doing. Doing work that fulfils your life and not fragments it. NLP brings much to this area - communication skills, leadership skills, and ways to clarify your beliefs and values, so you can appreciate yourself and bring more of yourself to your work.

Success is about achieving results. The results you get are a reflection of your ability to motivate yourself and others and to work with, or creatively around, the business structure.

Those two aspects are always related. In any organisation the environment, procedures, organisational values and identity are as much part of the system as the skills, actions, beliefs and values of the people within it.

One of the great strengths of NLP is the ability to clarify and relate tangible, everyday business procedures with intangible ideas and values that drive them.

Thirdly, NLP is flexible and not prescriptive. It is not an all-or-nothing approach, and can complement and enhance other approaches. NLP is about your unique experience and how you create it.

What are the foundations of NLP, and how do they relate to business? There are five principles.

“First understand then be understood”

The first is rapport - the relationship of trust and mutual influence that is at the heart of successful managing. How exactly do you get rapport? How do you motivate people? How can you develop trust and mutual influence between people?

“Begin with the end in mind”

The second principle is knowing your outcome. NLP gives the skills not only to clarify business goals, but also to relate individual goals to organisational ones, avoiding the situation where everyone is working away at well thought out, but conflicting goals, thus sending the organisation round in circles.

“There is no failure only feedback”

The third principle is to be open to feedback. This means for individuals the sensory acuity to be open to what they see, hear and feel from others, in order to better understand them.

NLP has rich and effective models for understanding body language and words. So many business problems are caused by miscommunication. What prevents these kinds of situation is NLP communication skills and questioning skills.

Feedback is also about gathering evidence that you have achieved your goals. Feedback tells you that either you are on course or off course. If you are off course, then the results tell you what you need to do to get back on again.

“If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

The fourth principle is flexibility - the ability to change what you are doing based on the feedback you are getting. Often this means being able to see an issue from different positions - the customer’s position, the management position, and the position of other team members.

“The mind and body are one integrated system ”

Finally, there is state mangement. The ability to maintain a resourceful state in yourself and others is they key to personal and business success.

In addition to BUSINESS Shortcuts and Certifed NLP Training New Oceans offeres a range of unique and powerful Team Building interventions using the very latest in communication, personal development and accelerated learning techniques.

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