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The New Oceans NLP Business Practitioner is a 16-day programme designed to provide people at work with the most powerful behavioural tools available today for understanding and influencing people, and performing at their best.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be described as a set of skills, techniques and empowering principles, an attitude, which combine to offer you the potential for excellence in every area of your life. It has discovered how people think, how people learn, how high achievers do things excellently and how to replicate their success!

This Business Practitioner provides new insights and tools to address your real issues and requirements including:

  • Leadership and Executive Presence
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Influencing and Communicating
  • Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution
  • Presenting and Training
  • Team Building and Team Learning
  • Meetings and Information Management
  • Career and Personal Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Interviewing and Recruitment

The New Oceans NLP Business Practitioner is run according to the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) standards, and is a qualification course, providing a thorough foundation of NLP skills and techniques for professional and personal growth.

The training can be taken in two parts - 4-day NLP Business Foundation Diploma followed by 12-day Part 2 - The Art of Being Brilliant at Work.

The course is led by Paul Jacobs, founding Director of New Oceans Training and Consultancy, an internationally certified INLPTA Trainer, and Life and Business Coach.

Programme details and benefits

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No-one goes to work to do a bad job! But sometimes we need help to do not just a good job, but the best!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of excellence in human performance, and is an extremely practical tool for creating success in business today. When you learn the secrets of NLP you will be able to easily apply them to enhance any area of your life. For example, you will raise your skills as a communicator to a highly advanced level, enabling you to achieve professional and personal results way beyond your previous expectations.

The principles of NLP are so powerful and yet so simple and easy to learn.

They are skills that once learned will continue to bring you unprecedented success.

This programme is specifically geared to human resource management and business applications. The training draws upon a wide range of tools rather than adopting a fixed way of working. It is packed with practical advice on what works in a customer driven business.

Venue & Dates

Training is based at The Dower House, Hexton, Herts.

NLP Business Practitioner Part 1 - NLP Foundation Diploma
Sep 28-29 & Oct 26-27
or Nov 10-11 & Nov 22-23

NLP Business Practitioner Part 2
Sep 8-9, Oct 10-11, Nov 1-2,
Nov 29-30, Dec 8-9, Jan 17-18

This course can also be delivered in-house. Please call if you would like to discuss how.

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Programme Investment
The practitioner is an sixteen day programme. A comprehensive course manual, lunch and refreshments are included. Residential options available.

The programme investment is 1950+VAT per delegate . (1500+vat self-financing). Part 1 only investment is 450+VAT and Part 2 is 1500+vat. Group discounts.

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