Key Account Management
Strategies and tools for building, maintaining, and growing your Key Accounts


About the Programme

New Oceans provides a Key Account Management Training Programme that takes the best in sales, and marketing mastery and blends them with the latest in communication, personal development and accelerated learning techniques.

This programme is a way of developing that Key Account Management Mastery through the core skills and thinking of Neuro-Linguistic Prgramming (NLP). NLP is the study of what works in thinking, language and behaviour. It is a way of coding and reproducing excellence that enables you consistently to achieve the results that you want for yourself, your customer and your business.

This Key Account Management Mastery programme equips you with the thinking and skills necessary to achieve outstanding performance in the ever changing business world of today and the future.

This workshop is based on four successful principles:

  • visualise and understand your customer's view of the world
  • follow a creative, structured account development process
  • build rapport and partnership with your account at all levels
  • develop personal mastery throughout the account team

Key Account Mastery provides the means of managing the relationships between you and your customer so that you determine where your relationship is today and where it will be in the future and how you will travel this road of success.

Our key customer accounts are our single most precious resource. They are almost certainly our greatest source of volume; they should be our major source of profits.

Learn to extend the real hand of partnership with your customers by finding ways to: improve their sales, reduce their operating costs, raise their productivity, and increase their profits - a true business partnership.

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You will learn how to

  • identify key accounts, prepare a creative account management strategy and action- and team-orientated implementation plans
  • draw on powerful thinking, communication, negotiation and action skills and tools to build and grow key accounts
  • identify how organisationís resources can be structured and used to build high-performance account teams
  • step into the shoes of the account and build breakthrough rapport with your customers
  • heighten your interpersonal sensitivity and build quality relationships with customers, staff, bosses and colleagues.
  • increase your flexibility to manage yourself, your thinking and your behaviour to achieve personal and business success

What your organisation will get

  • quantum shift in account results, a quantum leap in spotting business opportunities
  • 'can do' culture. - turning obstacles and chaos into opportunities and value. Visions turned into actions turned into results.

What your customers will get

  • partnership - alignment of customer-supplier visions, objectives and thinking
  • knowing that you understand what they want and gaining an agreement on how it is to be achieved
  • a relationship built on trust and mutual respect, able to see you as a partner - not just another vendor
  • being loyal because you fully understand them, working from their perspective and deliver what was agreed - from their perspective
  • developing a win-win mutual understanding

Who should attend: Everyone who carries account responsibility or will have a significant impact on the account over the next one to three years. This includes sales people, sales management, business developers, senior management, support teams and external consultants.

Programme Investment This course is a three-day course. A comprehensive course manual and all refreshments are included in the course fee. This course investment is from £799 plus VAT per delegate and is customised and delivered in house to meet your exact requirements

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