Leadership Coaching



Leadership Development Through Coaching:

NEW OCEANS specializes in helping senior executives and leaders develop the vision and competencies to achieve far more meaningful results in their lives and careers.

We work with individuals and their organizations looking for convenient, confidential, world-class assistance to:

  • move through their high levels of stress, back into a sustainable, strategic, and inspired place.
  • master their leadership, communication and emotional intelligence competencies.
  • move past plateaus and through blind spots.
  • take a more strategic view of their careers and lives.
  • grow from feedback.
  • create and communicate a compelling future vision for themselves and their organizations.
  • align their passions and strengths with their natural gifts.
  • learn the skills and gain the insights needed to excel at the next level.
  • thrive in change or transition.
  • establish optimal work/life integration.
  • grow, evolve and generate transformational results in their lives and organizations.

Executives consistently get the personalized just-in-time, professional support and development they need to maximize impact, results and fulfillment.

We have been providing leadership education and training services to some of the finest organizations in the UK for almost 10 years. We have learned that people develop leadership skills primarily through interaction with knowledgeable people and on-the-job experiences. In fact, the research overwhelmingly indicates that people want to learn leadership either in a live classroom or through coaching. Nothing else, from personal study to blended learning, comes close.

We provide clients with coaching that is focused on one thing...a significant and sustained increase in leadership effectiveness! Our highly skilled coaches guide individuals through a rigorous process of assessment, action planning, and execution to achieve extraordinary results. Our coaching is seamlessly integrated with our highly acclaimed leadership development research, models, and programs that have been refined from years of working with top companies.

We provide leadership coaching as a follow-up to our educational and training events, and offer it as a stand-alone service. While all clients benefit from our systematic approach to leadership development, we tailor each coaching engagement to the specific performance improvement plans of the individual.

Our Coaches: Our coaches are the best in the business. They not only have extensive one-on-one coaching experience but also are highly trained in all aspects of leadership development. Most are certified by the International Coaches Federation and have backgrounds that include advanced degrees, organization development training, broad expertise in business consulting and, in several cases, prior executive managerial experience. A typical coach has many years of experience helping individuals acquire the skills needed to get extraordinary things done in organizations. They are all seasoned practitioners with exceptionally strong analytical, assessment, and communication skills.

Our Process: Rather than focusing on just smoothing out a few rough edges or learning new management techniques, our coaching is highly structured and built upon a rock-solid foundation of leadership development principles. As with our workshops, we approach coaching through a three-step process of Assessment, Action Planning, and Execution. We are not life-style coaches. We do not provide counseling on stress, balance, or personal relationships. We do not provide advice on life planning. We are neither sounding boards nor "scratching posts" for organizational complaints. We do not coddle our clients. We expect them to actively seek out new leadership practices, experiment with new behaviors, and put in place new standards of personal performance. We see our role as guides, facilitators, and educators.

Leadership Coaching typically involves weekly, hour-long sessions for four to six months. During these sessions, which are either in person or via telephone, our coaches guide you through the three steps of assessment, action planning, and execution. Between coaching sessions, you'll complete challenging practical exercises that are directly related to your personal leadership development plan. These exercises are designed to accelerate the development process and focus the coaching experience on your immediate development needs and current organization challenges.

Our custom-tailored program is designed for individuals and corporations whose employees are overwhelmed with stress and would like to offer options that include phone consultations and/or private individual sessions

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