Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Introduction to Type and Type Dynamics


About the Programme

Myers-Briggs Type theory is a powerful tool for understanding individual differences and for recognising the 'gifts' and developmental needs that each individual brings to the organisation.

MBTI helps people become more self-aware, especially of their personality preferences for source of energy, information gathering, and decision making, and how these preferences affect their approach to work and life in general.

It helps in understanding how others deal with stress, conflict, and differing styles - work styles, communication styles, problem-solving styles, and decision-making styles.

The Benefits to individuals

  • provides a straight-forward and affirmative path to self-understanding
  • offers a logical model of consistent human behaviour
  • emphasises the value of diversity
  • helps individuals to understand themselves, their boss, their work mates, their spouse, their children
  • clarifies the fit between a person and a job
  • builds an objective framework for examining emotional issues
  • provides a way to improve communication patterns
  • helps identify sources of conflict
  • aids people in valuing their unique contributions
  • improves motivation and commitment
  • provides a dynamic theory on which one can build personal strategies

The Benefits to Organisation

  • offers a logical model of consistent human behaviour
  • reduces interpersonal and intra-organisational conflict
  • emphasises the value of diversity
  • identifies strengths and blind spots of groups, teams and organisational units in a non-judgemental way
  • promotes a harmonious work environment
  • is appropriate for various organisational levels
  • builds understanding of organisational norms and culture
  • helps clarify the fit between a person and a job
  • is valid, reliable, provides flexibility in its use, is guided by ethical principles
  • can be applied in a variety of areas, such as management training, organisation change, team selection, team development, career development, creative problem solving......

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This Course is suitable for

Anyone who wants to make a difference

Programme Investment

This course is a 2-day course. A comprehensive course manual and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

Cost of investment: 300 (+ vat) per participant - this includes the MBTI administration and processing for each participant.

Venue & Dates

Call for details.

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