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NLP Business Success Secrets # 1

From ‘CAN DO’ to ‘CAN DID’……..!

In today’s business climate, we all have to do more with less, and so we’re told that there’s a real and imperative need for a ‘can do’ attitude. Yet one of the most powerful secrets of business success is not just a ‘can do’ attitude, but an ability to ‘live’ your goals backwards. – in other words, to have a ‘can did!’ attitude instead……and the ability to action it!

So here’s the secret of how to do this:-

This week, take all of your goals, objectives, and to do’s for the next seven days, and imagine it’s the end of the week and you have achieved all these targets. Then ask yourself

“ How did I get here? What 3 key actions did I take?”

You’ll notice you get new insights into how you achieved those goals. It also helps if you physically move to another part of the room, and let that position represent where the goals have been achieved: then from there ‘look back’ to ‘see’ how you did it!

For example, I was coaching an HR Director who had a challenging meeting coming up with the executive team. She moved across to another part of the office, to ‘where and when’ the meeting was over, and ‘looked back’ to see how she’d successfully got her message across: and when she did this, she came up with a number of new insights. I then said

“I assume you have another meeting coming up soon with the same team?”

“Yes! How did you know?” ( Because there’s always another meeting!). I then took her to the completion of that next meeting - in yet another position in the office we were in - and asked had she achieved all her goals at this meeting? Not only did she say the meeting was very successful, when I then asked her

“From what you learned in the second meeting, what could you have done differently in the first meeting to have been totally successful with your message then?”……. she came up with that too!

“What got you here may not get you there!” – Marshall Goldsmith -world’s best known CEO coach.

“We can only create the future from the future”

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