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NLP Business Success Secrets # 2

Want to gain magical rapport with a client! Then DRIVE THEIR BMW!!

We’ve probably all heard the saying; “You can’t know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Or as author Harper Lee wrote in To Kill A Mockingbird, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

Well Business Success Secret #2 is even more profound - you can’t really know someone until you’ve driven their BMW……! Until you’ve ‘driven’ the ‘vehicle’ they use to navigate their world. What if you can ‘jump into’ another person? ‘Step inside’ them, be ‘in’ that person, figuratively walk a mile in their shoes, drive a mile in their vehicle of life? In this Business Success Secret you are going to learn how to do just that with your business prospects:- ‘experience’ them, their decision - making mechanisms, their motivation strategies, their emotional states - from the inside! - so that you can better give them what they need from you, and get what you need in return

But why do we call it “Driving their BMW?”

Okay - you probably know we just can’t keep a secret. Our internal thinking and feeling can always be observed by others through our external behaviour… our BMW - Body, Music (Voice), and Words.

So if you can mimic or model someone’s BMW you can get a good understanding of how they think, feel and tick.

B – Body: physiology, movements, gestures, breathing, eye patterns
M – Music: voice qualities - volume, tempo, timbre
W – Words: key words, values, beliefs, preferences

Our unconscious mind is a goal-seeking mechanism, and a pattern - recognition device that is incredibly brilliant. It can immediately pick up the characteristics of others, so that when we step into them, it already has formulated what we’re going to be experiencing.

So how DO we step into someone’s BMW? Well, think of your client… now imagine in your mind that you ARE them. It’s that simple. When you step into their BMW, your unconscious mind can very quickly build a pattern of who and what they are - what’s important to them, what they believe, what emotional state they’re in, how they’re thinking – basically how they tick! Once you step into their BMW, you’re modelling them, or mirroring them so completely and so powerfully, that the results can be startling both for you and for the person themselves!

But what if you work with people on the phone, and you have no idea what they look like? Could you do the same thing anyway? Sure. What is it that you know about that person when you’re talking to them? They’ve got a phone to their ear, you can discern their breathing,: and they’ve got a voice, and their voice has characteristics, and those characteristics have conditions that your unconscious mind has heard before.

When you ‘step in’, you want to leave yourself behind and see through their eyes, hear through their ears, feel with their emotions etc. When you do this, you know them so well that it establishes rapport at a very, very profound and deep level. Once you’re ‘in’ them, you’ve really moved along the process of rapport, and you’ve moved it along because you’re so completely identifying with all their senses, their behaviours, and all of who they are.

And you can make this even more powerful in a couple of ways. First, marvel at what it feels like to be their weight, their height, and what their clothes feel like. If the person is of the opposite sex, you might feel what it feels like to be a woman or a man, whatever the case may be, and actually take on those characteristics (within reason!).

What are their physical characteristics? How does it feel to have those characteristics? Notice when you step into the other person, where you feel the connection to them. Do you feel the connection in your stomach, in your feet, in your hands, in your chest, in your head? By asking yourself these questions you’ll deepen the rapport.

This is incredibly powerful.

Top communicators and negotiators are able to put themselves not just in other people’s shoes, but actually ‘in’ other people, and experience situations as if they were them. Consequently, they are able to present ideas and thoughts in a way that fits the state of the person or people they're with.

For example, I was coaching a sales consultant to prepare for a sales opportunity. Although he had ‘pitched’ for a number of potential contracts over the last year, he hadn’t won any of them. I asked him who would be at the upcoming meeting. He identified three key individuals. We were in his office, and I asked him to move to three different locations in the office, representing these three individuals, and step inside each one in turn – and ‘drive’ their BMWs. Acting as if, I asked him, while he was ‘being’ each of them, “ What do you want from your supplier? What is important about this for you and your company? What are the key qualities you want in the supplier’s personnel and their company?” etc. I also used our Business Success Secret #1 “From can DO to Can DID!”, and asked “How would you know this supplier had achieved it in 3 months? Or 6 months? Etc.. ”

Having ’experienced’ how each of these three key individuals were thinking, feeling, and believing, by ‘driving’ their BMWs - by being their Bodies, Music(voice) and Words – he went to the meeting really knowing them, and immediately was able to establish amazing rapport……. and got the contract!

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