First understand, then be understood



Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers an in-depth understanding of what really happens when we communicate, and the means to use that knowledge to maximise the effectiveness of any interpersonal transaction.

Any business person who has a grasp of the basics of NLP can expect to enjoy a significant improvement in all aspects of his or her business and social activities.

NLP will show you how to become more successful in business by:

  • setting effective and compelling goals
  • building good quality relationships, replacing conflict with co-operation
  • developing greater flexibility to respond to your environment
  • managing your mental activities for greater self-management and emotional freedom

NLP provides the tools and techniques for developing individuals, teams and organisations to achieve success.

NLP is practical. It is about real skills for real people in real business situations. It is the study of excellence - both for individuals and organisations. It relates the skills and values of the people in business to the business goals and the business structure. How can we relate this to personal success in business?

Firstly, personal success is about enjoying your work - feeling congruent and motivated by what you are doing. Doing work that fulfils your life and not fragments it. NLP brings much to this area - communication skills, leadership skills, and ways to clarify your beliefs and values, so you can appreciate yourself and bring more of yourself to your work.

Success is about achieving results. The results you get are a reflection of your ability to motivate yourself and others and to work with, or creatively around, the business structure.

Those two aspects are always related. In any organisation the environment, procedures, organisational values and identity are as much part of the system as the skills, actions, beliefs and values of the people within it.

One of the great strengths of NLP is the ability to clarify and relate tangible, everyday business procedures with intangible ideas and values that drive them.

Thirdly, NLP is flexible and not prescriptive. It is not an all-or-nothing approach, and can complement and enhance other approaches. NLP is about your unique experience and how you create it.

What are the foundations of NLP, and how do they relate to business? There are five principles.

“First understand then be understood”

The first is rapport - the relationship of trust and mutual influence that is at the heart of successful managing. How exactly do you get rapport? How do you motivate people? How can you develop trust and mutual influence between people?

“Begin with the end in mind”

The second principle is knowing your outcome. NLP gives the skills not only to clarify business goals, but also to relate individual goals to organisational ones, avoiding the situation where everyone is working away at well thought out, but conflicting goals, thus sending the organisation round in circles.

“There is no failure only feedback”

The third principle is to be open to feedback. This means for individuals the sensory acuity to be open to what they see, hear and feel from others, in order to better understand them.

NLP has rich and effective models for understanding body language and words. So many business problems are caused by miscommunication. What prevents these kinds of situation is NLP communication skills and questioning skills.

Feedback is also about gathering evidence that you have achieved your goals. Feedback tells you that either you are on course or off course. If you are off course, then the results tell you what you need to do to get back on again.

“If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

The fourth principle is flexibility - the ability to change what you are doing based on the feedback you are getting. Often this means being able to see an issue from different positions - the customer’s position, the management position, and the position of other team members.

“The mind and body are one integrated system ”

Finally, there is state mangement. The ability to maintain a resourceful state in yourself and others is they key to personal and business success.

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