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Individual & Group Sales Coaching

Coaching can be a stand-alone program or used to supplement and reinforce training workshops.

Purpose: Gain confidence, reach more prospects, close more sales.

New Oceans Sales Success 360 Coaching is underpinned by our proven NLP foundation and techniques. Our Sales Coaching with NLP will:

  • Reinforce training goals
  • Teach and reinforce specific skills to communicate the sales message effectively
  • Provide a consistent structure in which to prospect, develop new business and close sales
  • Provide a realistic plan of action to meet prospecting and/or sales goals
  • Provide accountability to those goals
  • Provide tools to build rapport with prospects Provide monitoring of prospecting calls, sales calls and results to keep participants focused and on track
  • Accelerate the prospecting performance and increase sales activity

Participants focus on pushing the limitations and removing the roadblocks that keep them from effectively and efficiently meeting with and selling to qualified prospects. Together with the coach, participants strategize and problem-solve to accelerate their sales performance.

Coaching tools include a methodology for crafting effective scripts and answering prospect objections, role-playing, time management skills and monitoring of prospecting and sales call results. Participants gain confidence, new skills, reach more prospects and close more sales.

All coaching sessions are customized with specific attention to the issues and challenges present in corporate culture, the current selling environment and the particular industry.

The coaching sessions are conducted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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If you want..

A new sense of passion, energy and enthusiasm

A more balanced and fulfilling life

Enhanced and satisfying relationships

Less procrastination and fewer stops

More clarity, focus and direction

Faster and bigger results

Increase earnings and productivity

Increased self-confidence

…then New Oceans Sales Coaching is for you

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