Applications of NLP for Sales
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Invigorating Sales With NLP

New Oceans NLP training provides numerous benefits for salespeople. The key areas outlined below enable sales professionals to:

  • improve your communication and negotiation skills
  • maintain peak performance
  • persuade and influence your clients more effectively and therefore obtain outstanding results in a short period of time.

1. Rapport
Rapport is the most important ingredient in any successful business relationship. Without rapport, your client, colleague or business partner will often feel annoyed, pressured, mistrusting, not listened to or simply put off.

NLP teaches how to quickly build rapport with anyone to establish a positive ongoing business relationship, bypassing the first and biggest obstacle faced by most salespeople. By matching the speed and tone of voice, language structure and body language used by a client, rapport is built quickly and maintained easily. Rapport allows the development of trusting, ongoing, win/win relationships.

2. Representational Systems
Of the three major communication styles (based on the Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic representational systems), most people use one style more heavily and more naturally than the other two. As an NLP-trained salesperson, you’ll be able to assess which style a client is most comfortable with and adjust your own style to match it. This produces a profound improvement in communication effectiveness and the level of rapport with the client.

3. Listening for Meta-Programs and Strategies
NLP teaches a different way of listening to people so that we can really hear what they are telling us. By discovering a client’s strategies, you can determine how a sale or business transaction needs to be structured for them to feel comfortable about proceeding. For example: their buying strategy, decision-making strategy and convincer strategy will tell you things such as whether they buy impulsively or require a certain number of conversations before they are ready to buy.

Salespeople who lack NLP training often make the mistake of instinctively using a sales approach to suit their own buying strategy, which may be very different to their client’s buying strategy.

Being able to detect a client’s meta-programs means that you can present them with sales information in the best way for them. E.g. a predominantly visual person would need to see the information in written form or a visual presentation, while a Magic 7 Sales Tips 6 predominantly kinaesthetic person would benefit most from a hands-on trial or testdrive.

You can also discover a client’s frames of reference to better understand their decision-making process. For example, a client with an external frame of reference will probably need to talk to a satisfied client or talk their decision over with someone else. If a client has an internal frame of reference, you’ll be able to detect this and know that they won’t need to consult a third party to make their decision, because they trust their own judgement.

4. Values /Outcomes/Motivation
Using NLP techniques, you can elicit a client’s values (what’s important to them) and then link your product or service back to these values. This is the single most important step that convinces a person to agree or buy. This approach is also highly effective in non-sales negotiations.

People are motivated in different ways and by different things. The two main ways we are motivated are: “towards” a goal or result that we want to achieve (e.g. winning an award, earning a bonus) … “away from” a situation or thing we don’t want (e.g. having no money, losing our job)

Having our motivations out of balance will lead to inconsistent performance: peaks and troughs in sales results. New Oceans NLP provides a number of skills to assess and adjust motivations in order to produce better and more consistent sales results.

5. Beliefs
With NLP you can uncover the hidden beliefs that salespeople have, some of which may be sabotaging their results and success (e.g. “the market is down and it’s affecting everyone in this business”, “no one will ever buy from me”, “cold calling never works”). Powerful belief change techniques enable salespeople to replace such limiting beliefs with positive, empowering ones that will deliver an immediate, measurable increase in sales results.

As they replace their limiting beliefs, salespeople become much more positive and motivated towards their goals.

6. State Management
Any successful person in business or sales will confirm that they must be in an empowered, positive, resourceful state to achieve their goals. NLP teaches us how to identify and access the most resourceful states easily, so that the process is almost automatic. This will greatly reduce the number of “bad days” you experience and fast-track your success.

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If you want to..

  • Understand how to motivate people
  • Develop the ability to speak anyone’s ‘language’, both verbal and behavioural
  • Discover more about your prospective clients in five minutes than you previously could in two weeks.
  • Learn to predict how your clients will buy.
  • Learn how to let your clients sell to themselves
  • Learn to discern a prospective customer’s personal ‘buying map’
  • Understand the impact of empowering, and limiting, ‘anchors’
  • Ask the questions that will uncover what your clients and customers REALLY value - and want!
  • Improve your sales figures dramatically
  • Make customers ‘buy’ you!

Then New Oceans Sales Training is for you!

"We all have different ideas of reality – ways in which we perceive the world – and we can only really trust people who look at the world the way we do." - Richard Bandler and John Grinder - Co-Creators of NLP

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