"Selling with NLP"
To enable you to persuade, influence, and sell with integrity


‘Selling With NLP’ Master Class Workshop

This ‘MASTER CLASS’ 1-day Workshop is for Sales Professionals who want to improve their sales figures dramatically!

The workshop will enable you to:-

  • Understand how to motivate people

  • Develop the ability to speak anyone’s ‘language’, both verbal and behavioural

  • Learn to discern a prospective customer’s personal ‘buying map’

  • Understand the impact of empowering, and limiting, ‘anchors’

  • Ask the questions that will uncover what your clients and customers REALLY value - and want!

  • Improve your sales figures dramatically

  • Make customers ‘buy’ you!

The ‘Selling With NLP’ Master Class Workshop provides an holistic and totally fresh approach to the whole world of selling; bringing together the power of mind and body united for success - words, voice, and physical ‘language’ - combined with a completely new understanding of how each unique individual thinks, feels, and MAKES THEIR DECISION TO BUY!

This ‘Selling With NLP’ Master Class workshop will show and explain the top sales professionals’ techniques, and how they use them unconsciously to achieve their successes. Now you too will have the power of their strategies PLUS the ‘tools’ of NLP, to ‘get inside’ your customers’ heads!

During the Training you will acquire the insights and tools to enable you to upgrade or fine-tune your selling style to make you more flexible and professional in your approach, which leads to more sales!

As a result:

You will be able to find and sell to more clients, do more up and add-on selling and develop a strong network to effortlessly extend your business!


The workshop is delivered by two masters of selling Paul Jacobs and Michael Singh.

Paul is founder of New Oceans NLP Training & Coaching Academy and has over 20 years of experience delivering NLP to the business world.

Michael is founder of The Wilton Partnership, an Off Market Property acquisitions company. He has over 20 years of experience in selling and buying in the premium commercial and residential property world.


The workshop begins with the basis of NLP


- which are the framework and support of building sales success. These encompass:-

FLEXIBILITY. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got, so do something different! Many of us, when something isn’t working, either give up on that prospective client or sale, or repeat the same things only louder!

STATE MANAGEMENT. If you’re not in the best emotional state to achieve success, or your client isn’t, the deal isn’t going to happen! Our ‘MASTER CLASS’ will show you how to ensure you and they are, and make that sale!

HIGH AWARENESS. Developing your thinking - sensing to always be aware of whether what you’re doing is keeping you on-track to your outcomes, and your client’s needs. Which of course also requires highly-developed

RAPPORT. We will give you the skills to ‘read’ people and ensure fast rapport at any level you want, to achieve the most important of The Five Pillars, your

OUTCOMES. We are all goal-oriented, but most of us don’t define our goals specifically enough, or move in the optimum direction to achieve them.

Part two of our ‘MASTER CLASS’ will give you the tools to achieve ANY OUTCOME, in a unique way which we call


Having modelled many many highly successful sales achievers, we have unpacked their strategy……. Begin with the end, where you’ve already clinched the sale - and ‘look back’ to see HOW YOU DID IT! Sounds simple? It is - when you know how. And the ‘how’ is what we’ll show you!

Finally, our ‘MASTER CLASS’ brings you


This is your chance to use the tools of PPL, and PLPLT - Pace Pace Lead, and People Like People Like Themselves! - and your newly-acquired modelling skills, as you put the learnings into practice....

and we will share with you ‘Seven KEY Metaphors For Successful Selling'.

Great sales people know that to SELL even better it’s best to BUY the best! And that’s exactly what we’re offering you now with our New Oceans ‘MASTER CLASS’ Series!

'Selling with NLP'

1-day Workshop

Dates: Jun 25, Jul 9, or Jul 21

Investment: £199+vat
(lunch included!)

Venue: The Dower House,
Hexton, Herts SG5 3JF

Book online

Programme Investment

This course is a one-day course. A comprehensive course manual, lunch and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

This course investment is £199 plus VAT per delegate

Venue & Dates

Jun 25, Jul 9, or Jul 21

Training is based at New Oceans Training Centre The Dower House, Hexton, Herts

Book online

This course can also be delivered in-house. Please call if you would like to discuss how.

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