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Stress Management Consultancy

More and more employees are experiencing stress at work. They may be coping with too much pressure, long hours or rapid change. The nature of employment has now changed and the idea of a job for life has been replaced by an emphasis on performance. Stress is now recognised as a valid health and safety issue at work. Litigation is on the increase and there have been successful claims for compensation for work-related stress. More and more employers are turning to Stress Management to tackle these problems. Stress Management can enable people to improve their own response to stress and enable the organisation to reduce workplace stressors. Our Training Package addresses the problems of work-place stress with the twofold approach of Stress Auditing and Stress Management Training.

The Stress Audit for the Organisation

We provide the information and materials to enable you to carry out a Stress Audit for your organisation. The findings of the audit can be addressed in the Stress Management Training sessions. Master copies of all Stress Audit forms and questionnaires are provided in order for you to carry out regular audits if you so wish. However, Stress Management Training will be of value whether or not you undertake an Audit.

Organisational Stress Management

Organisational Stress Management aims at preventing and reducing stress for both the individual employee and the organisation or company.

The Training Package offers you eight detailed sessions for stress management training groups in your workplace. These include eight relaxation exercises on audio cassette tapes, together with training in relaxation, breathing, emotional freedom techniques, cognitive-behavioural techniques, and neuro-linguistic programming.

We also provide practical training in the management of many workplace stressors. The Stress Management sessions provide employees with the opportunity to tackle major stressors using techniques from Problem Solving Therapy. We also provide research notes with each session giving you in-depth background information on the problems of work-pace stress, together with step-by-step presentations of related therapies of particular value in the treatment of stress at work.

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