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Success Story

Dee Shipman, a Performance Coach at New Oceans, describes how NLP was used to successfully help a client in his career:

As an NLP Master Practitioner, my role is to help people be the "best they can be". Using the NLP model, I work with clients from all areas and levels of the service, in groups and one-to-one. I help people develop personal strategies for overcoming their own barriers to success in life, whether it is coping with change, stress, relationships (professional and personal), job interviews, vivers and presentations.

A few years ago it was my pleasure to coach a Chartered Accountant through certified examinations and a subsequent job interview. This person had failed his Examinations twice. As a result his confidence had been severely damaged and, by the time I met him he was in despair.

As we worked together I noticed that he was what NLP codes as Kinaesthetic i.e. He thought with his emotions - looking down to the right and processing very slowly. When nervous his thought processes slowed down to a stop and he was unable to answer the questions put to him by a very "visual" i.e. fast thinking/fast talking and "digital" i.e. factual/logical panel. His perception of them were that they were aggressive, theirs of him that he was unknowledgeable. Three coaching sessions helped him "reframe" his behaviour and the behaviour of the panel, stay calm and play to his strengths. He passed his examinations and was successful in his next job interview.


Success Story of Letting Go

Once upon a time there were two holy men strolling down a wooded path in a forest outside Naples, Italy. Their heads were cowled and bowed, and the hoods of their robes cut much of the world off from view as they strolled along, softly mumbling their orisons.

Coming to a narrow stream, they stopped. A young lady stood beside the creek. She had on a new pair of shoes and a long peasant dress and seemed reluctant to cross the stream lest she muddy her garment. Without a moment’s hesitation, one of the monks picked up the young woman and carried her across. He put her gently back down on the path. She smiled her thanks and he nodded in response.

The two continued their walk in silence. After some time had passed, the other monk, who was obviously highly agitated, broke the quiet. “How could you do that?” he asked, his face in a grimace of disapproval.

The first monk, deep in thought, looked at his companion in astonishment. “Do what?” he asked.

“How could you touch that woman? You picked her up and handled her, and you—you touched her.” The holy man’s mouth was set and compressed.

“Oh, are you still carrying that young lady?” the first monk responded, a twinkle in his eye. “I put her down an hour ago.”

The stress management tip illustrated by this story is very clear. Simply let go. When you think about something you give it energy. It is up to you to either give positive or negative thoughts energy. So one stress management tip, Power of Self Mind Control graudates follow is to control and monitor their their thoughts carefully.

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