Stressed Enough!


Stressed Enough!

This may seem a ridiculous topic considering that Stress Tips exists to reduce your stress. I'm sure you are aware that there is "good stress", EUSTRESS, and "bad stress", DISTRESS.

The physiological responses to distress and eustress are basically the same but the brain processes the experiences differently. Eustress occurs when you voluntarily agree to ride a roller-coaster or ski down a challenging slope or become adventurous.

Do you have enough ADVENTURE in your life? Eustress occurs when you do something different, break a routine, make a new friend, travel to a new place or generate some excitement for yourself.

I encourage you to set aside some time for adventure this week and to make it a theme for life..

One model used by psychological researcher Hans Selye (who coined the word "stress"), highlights four different types of stress.

At one extreme we have Eustress, which is the stress that accompanies the exciting things in life the rollercoaster ride, the first kiss, the lottery win; this is positive stress, something we should all have a little of in our lives.

Under-stress is the opposite: it accompanies feelings of boredom, hopelessness, physical immobility; it has a negative effect.

Over-stress is where you push yourself beyond your limits; it can happen as easily in business as it does in marathon races and, once again, has a negative effect.

Distress is the obvious: unresolved frustration, fear, anger, anxiety

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