"What if you already had the resources you needed to succeed?"



Are you ready for coaching? This questionnaire will give you an idea of whether you're a good candidate for coaching right now. Answer True or False to the following statements...Then press SUBMIT.

  1. I am ready now to accept coaching in my life and I recognize the benefits it can create for me.
  1. I am ready and willing to set goals for myself, work toward these goals, and ask my coach to hold me accountable to my commitments.
  1. I take responsibility for being present and on time for scheduled appointments.
  1. I am ready and willing to stretch and grow into the possibilities that are there for me.
  1. I am willing to be honest and speak the truth with my coach so that I get what I want from coaching.
  1. I am flexible and willing to try new ways of doing things and a new way of being.
  1. I am willing to let go of thoughts and behaviours that are not working for me and replace them with ones that do.
  1. I value myself and recognise that coaching is a worthwhile investment in my future and myself
  1. I have the financial resources to invest in myself by starting coaching now.
  1. I have had other similar experiences such as Mentoring Counselling,Therapy, Other
  1. I am currently involved in one of more of the above (#10)
  1. I am willing to share credit for my successes with others.

"You cannot discover new oceans unless
you have the courage to turn away from the shore"

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