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The answer's on the ceiling

I remember at school my teacher continually calling out of to me "Jacobs the answer is not on the ceiling" while I was in my usual daydreaming state.....

Well some 50 years later I discovered the answer is on the ceiling and in particular can be on your bedroom ceiling outer and inner world.... Let me now explain...

While in my secondary school we used to write stuff on our rulers and on our arms when we were getting ready for a test or exam just in case we needed it....

Yes we were cheating

Today using NLP we don't need to do that anymore before an important exam... We still sort of cheat but all we need to do is capture the key points for the exam using mind maps - large and colorful on A1 size flipchart paper .... Large enough so that when you stick the A1 sheets on your bedroom ceiling you can easily read them when you are lying down on or in your bed.

While lying down on your bed looking at your ceiling preferably in a light trance state - ideally just before you are about to go to sleep or just as you are waking up in the morning... look up to the ceiling full of A1 sheets of paper filled with rich mind map material..

Focus on 1 sheet and as you look up close your eyes and recall the A1 memory in your head...

Test your inner recall is the same as the one on the ceiling. If not repeat previous process until you can. If you can recall in detail the A1 sheet without opening your eyes then you are ready to go on to the next sheet until you can recall easily all the a1 sheets.

Now when you are sitting in the exam room close your eyes and look up and recall your bedroom ceiling and all the A1 sheet(s) you need to answer the exam question you are working on


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