Healing ADHD with NLP
Discover new effective learning and coping strategies for students struggling with AD/HD, and other learning difficulties


You may already know the first step to helping others heal their learning difficulties is to see them and yourself in a new way, a way which allows for change. A way which offers hope, and provides specific and useful tools and skills.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) provides the new way and the most up-to-date model of how we learn, and not learn, communicate and excel how we do what we doÖ

Those with ADHD or helping those with ADHD will learn to see their lives and the world around them differently. A series of instructions will guide you through transformational exercises to see, hear and feel your own past in a new and empowering way. Paul Jacobs and Dee present NLP and other techniques that can readily be picked up by teachers and parents and taught to children and adults with ADHD. This two day workshop offers help at home, at school and at work. While this course is fun and comfortable, with lots of room for personal interaction with Paul and Dee and others in the group, it's also deeply important and transformational, something to be undertaken with commitment to growth and learning. If you are now ready, call or email to sign up.

Paul Jacobs is an NLP Trainer, life coach, learning coach, co-founder of the NLP Education Network and The Rainbow Journey. Dee Shipman is an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and co-founder of The Rainbow Journey. Paul and Dee have worked for several years helping children and adults overcome the limitations of ADHD and learning difficulties.

You will learn techniques and exercises that can change your life and those around you:

  • Understanding ADD/ADHD and its driving mechanisms; how to reinvent schools, work and home life.
  • How to enhance communication and "read" another person, and establish and maintain rapport with even the most difficult students
  • Get control of you life and your emotions.
  • Develop and maintain your states of personal excellence encourage effective learning states for your students and yourself
  • Connect with anyone and have meaningful, loving relationships
  • Help students with AD/HD greatly improve their learning and behaving strategies
  • Quickly elicit a studentís mental map of the world Ė whatís important to them, what motivates them, how they learn, how they donít learn
  • Turn students on to school and keep them turned on and committed
  • Adapt your teaching and parenting to individual learning styles
  • Support your students in overcoming their difficulties and fears
  • Help students greatly improve their self-esteem and confidence
  • Help students change unwanted behaviours and habits in positive ways
  • Enhance your personal effectiveness in communicating and managing others
  • Respond resourcefully and increase your behavioural choice under stress
  • Change disempowering traumas and patterns of a lifetime.
  • Unlock your own strategies for success.
  • Create a compelling future.

Programme Investment

This course is a two day course. A comprehensive course manual and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

This course investment is £150+vat

Venue & Dates

Call for dates

The course is held at The Dower House, Hexton, Herts


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