Brain Gym

Brain GymŽ aims to educate the whole person. It combines the techniques of applied kinesiology with the current understanding of whole-brain learning and, through movement, draws out the natural resources that are in each person.

Brain GymŽ also uses highly effective technologies taken from many other fields such as developmental optometry, brain research, Neuro-linguistic Programming, motor development, psychology, acupuncture and language development.

How did Brain GymŽ originate?

Brain GymŽ was first developed by Paul Dennison, Ph. D., while working with children who displayed various symptoms of learning difficulties.

In the course of his research, Dr. Dennison found a strong relationship between the lack of left/right hemispheric integration and learning problems. Therefore, he developed a series of sequential movements to assist integration. As he experimented with these movements and observed the results, he realized that integrated processing between the two hemispheres was not only advantageous, but vital, for every learning situation.

How can Brain GymŽ help me?

Performing the Brain GymŽ movements regularly over a period of time has been found to improve visual and aural perception, increase long and short term memory, reduce hyperactivity and restore a feeling of calmness and control.

Developmental Movement and Brain GymŽ

Babies are born with automatic reflexes, called primitive reflexes, that are imperative in the early stages of development in areas such as motor skills and speech. As adults, our performance of daily tasks can be less effective under stress due to a lack of integration of these reflex patterns into our nervous system.

The Brain GymŽ movement sequences simulate many of these developmental movements. By performing and regularly practising stylized sequential movements, it is possible to give the brain and body a "second chance" to integrate these automatic patterns, making everyday life easier and more comfortable.

How is Brain GymŽ used?

A learning readiness program, Brain GymŽ is currently used in 32 different countries with a wide range of clientele. High performance athletes, musicians and other performers, members of the business community, seniors and geriatric patients, children with learning difficulties, as well as people in rehabilitation programs have all benefited from Brain GymŽ. Clients feel the difference.

Benefits of Brain GymŽ

  • Creates "stress free" learning for both teacher and learner
  • Can be done in less than 5 minutes: no special equipment or space is needed
  • Adapts well to any curriculum or teaching style
  • Applicable in all learning situations
  • Activates balance in all areas of the brain to make learning easier (specifically both hemispheres and the frontal lobe)
  • Is a quick, specific, self-directed way to activate highest performance potential and increase self-esteem
  • Results are immediate, long-term and demonstrable
  • Is neurologically sound in its approach

Books and Links

BRAIN GYM by Paul & Gail Dennison
SMART MOVES by Carla Hannaford

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