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How does NLP make a difference in Education?

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited. - Plutarch"

What fellow teachers say about the benefits of NLP in Education:

Teachers find inspiration as well as powerful new ranges of methods to engage students more fully in learning.

They develop a greater understanding of different learning styles.

They find they are better able to handle difficult students.

They enhance students' self-esteem - and therefore their desire to learn - through appreciating the value and effectiveness of positive reinforcement.

Teachers enjoy greater management of their own personal frame of mind and emotional state, resulting in reduced stress levels and greater job satisfaction.

They are able to be more creative, imaginative and stimulating in their presentations.

By having their own excitement about learning rekindled, many teachers find it easy to stimulate and instil a positive attitude towards learning in their students.

Feedback from teachers and educators on New Oceans NLP In Education Workshops

'This was an excellent workshop as it has given me insight into the different preferences the pupils choose as learners. As a teacher, in future I would as a form teacher test the students to find out how many of them are visual learners, auditory learners and kinaesthetic learners. Perhaps make a chart and place them in these categories, and plan the lessons accordingly so as to cater for their needs. In addition to this, their learning preferences will also help me to identify their learning difficulties and what other methods could be implemented'

'I found this (workshop) interesting and lively. I think that this area of study can translate well in practical approaches to curriculum delivery and would be interested in learning more'

'Very informative - lots to think about. Needs a series of 3 or 4 workshops, perhaps to learn more about ourselves'

'Very informative - personalised experiences. Using multi-sensory approach to making teaching inclusive.'

'Very interesting. Thought-provoking. Does it contradict much of what we are told about approaches to teaching literacy?'

'A welcome reminder of different preferences to learning'

'Very useful insights into different learning styles. Visualising the end of the lesson, with the achievement of the target, very powerful.'

'An informative, fun session. I would like to find out more about how NLP works. Made me think of different ways of presenting lessons'

'It was good to be reminded that people see things very differently, and for several reasons, and has made me think really hard about what the children are experiencing. Will be going into this further - especially practical applications'


'Excellent session - must do follow-up in school. Thought-provoking. Ways of learning from a different viewpoint.'

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